its over

jimmie johnson just accomplished his "drive for 5"
yep thats right. jimmie johnson just won his 5th consecutive sprint cup title.
im mad. i dislike jimmie johnson very much.
i wish i was jimmie johnson. he just got a check that had
5.7 million dollars on it. just for ONE stinkin race.
okay im done rambling.
the 2010 nascar season ended today and im pretty sad.
now i have nothing to do on sunday afternoons until next february.
bring it on 2011, im so ready for you.
and thank you 2010 season, you were good to me
you will be missed until next year.

oh and dale jr, im really sick of you sucking so bad.
you havent won a dang race in years. im going to find
a new driver to follow if you arnt any better next season.

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