lets go to the movies.

i love movies oh so much. and i have quite a few favorites.

talladega nights
this is my all time favorite movie, combining nascar and will ferrel was the best invention ever.
i can quote every line from this movie. "if you aint first your last"

the brothers grimm
i doubt many of you have heard of this one. but it has heath ledger
and one of the hottest guys ever, gordon levitt. (hot one in inception)
oh baby, i love this movie. its about all of the fairy tales that the grimm brothers
made up. it is pure genius.

the hangover
good memories is all i can say. me and all my friends
quote this one alot. "how dare you! shes a nice lady!"

dumb and dumber
what a classic. this one never gets old and im always in the mood
to watch this good ol' movie.
"hey you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

secondhand lions
this movie is so good and always leaves me with a smile on my face.
a little bit of humor, a little bit of romance and a little bit of action.
how i like it.

monsters inc.
tell me, how could you not like mike wazowski and sully?

you cant say that you dont know the words...
"lets get down to business, to defeat the huns."
i know you've sung it before.

super troopers
this is probably another one that you've never seen before. but its hilarious.
ive really got a thing for funny movies and its about cops which makes it even better.
"uhm yeah can i get a burger and a liter of cola?"
trust me you wouldn't think that's funny unless you've seen it.

the goonies
ah, one of the best ever. i used to own a goonies shirt.
"aww thats my moms favorite part!"
if you guys haven't seen the goonies, well then...

ferris buellers day off
this movie is great. so typical of high school students
anyways. i watch this movie all the time and i still find it hilarious.

the breakfast club
well obviously were getting back into the 80's here
but i seriously love this movie. at first i thought it was
super boring and pointless but now i want to watch it all the time.

last but not least,

moulin rouge
ewin mcgregor is my favorite actor ever and lets not forget that he is super good looking.
i can sing every song word for word in this movie.
i love everything about it. its such a chick flick but its soooo good.
i have the soundtrack on my ipod and i love to belt the songs
when im driving.

oh and im way excited for the movie country strong to come out, its right up my alley.

OH WAIT you cant forget

blades of glory
i have a thing with will ferrel if you cant tell.

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mardiiiii said...

you have excellent taste in movies.
i love every single one of the movies.
we should watch them all.