nasty habits.

biting your nails is the worst habit ever. if you ha vent started it already, please spare yourself and don't ever start. i have always chewed my nails. not because im nervous or anything, i just do. i don't really have a good reason except for it really bugs me when my nails are too long. its really a disgusting and terrible habit i know. anyways its so painful, i don't understand why i do it because i know its going to cause me pain afterwords. i guess its just that quick satisfaction i get when  biting my nail. oh the natural man in us is so stupid. i wish i still had my braces on sometimes because when i had braces i wasn't able to chew my nails and i went a good three years without biting them ever. of course the second i get my braces off im  back to biting them again. shows what years and years of habits do to you. well now im sitting here typing this and it hurts super bad because i have bitten my nails so low, they are now bleeding. this was a really painful post.
i need to stop biting my nails.

what are your habits?

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caihay said...

twirling my hair.