well most of you know i love nascar. and thats the reason why the title of my blog looks the way it does.
i mostly started this blog in the first place to talk about nascar but that rarely happens but today im going to talk about  nascar. if  its going to bore you then no need to read any further.
today in peer tutor the lesson was on nascar, i was so shocked. but i was also so happy. i had so many things to share and tell them about nascar it was really awesome. of course i told them about my old best friend that got me into nascar in the first place and how me and him used to watch every race together. i just was in my happy spot and it was a really good day for me in peer tutor.
so today we read "news-2-you" jimmie johnson edition. news-2- you is the news paper for kids in my peer tutor class its just been made easier for them to understand. so today im going to share with you news-2-you from peer tutor. hopefully you can understand more about nascar. now the article is mostly focused on jimmie johnson, whom i hate. but i gotta give him props, hes a way good driver. so anyways here it goes.

"The Sprint Cup will be awarded on November 21. The Cup will go to NASCAR's 2010 champion. One NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson, is the man to beat. Jimmie could win his fifth cup this year.* NASCAR ias 36 Sprint Cup races each year. The races are on a different track each week. Twenty tracks are oval tracks, two tracks are road tracks. Some tracks are short and some are long. NASCAR racing begins in february. 43 drivers race in each race. Each race car has a number and special paint. Sprint Cup cars are made by: Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota or Ford. The last ten races are called the "Chase for the Cup" (or we just call it the chase) The 12 best drivers race for the points in the chase. The Chase driver with the most points is the Sprint Cup Champion. The last race is the championship race. Once again, Jimmie Johnson is the favorite to win. (NOT MINE!) "

"PIT CREW: Every NASCAR driver has a pit crew. The 7 person pit crew helps during the race. During the race, the cars need tires and gasoline. The driver drives his car into the "pit area." Then the pit crew goes to work. The Crew: changes tiers, gasses the car, cleans the windshield (adjusts the chassy) and more. The 'pit stops' are short, 12-16 seconds. The best pit crews are the fastest pit crews. a quick pit stop puts the driver back in the race."

*yes jimmie could win a cup this year, but denny hamlin is above him in points.

and there you have it folks, nascar for people who know nothing about it. and i thought this was appropriate because the nascar season is over in 2 races which im pretty sad about. in 2 weeks i will see if jimmie actually takes another championship, making that 5 in a row. jimmie is the first man ever to get 4 in a row. lets hope he doesnt get 5. in two weeks it will all be over. did you know nascar has the longest running season of all sports?

bring it on homestead, im ready for the race.
oh man, homestead  is going to be SO intense.
oh yeah, homestead is the last race of the season fyi. (its pretty important to us redneck folks)

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