not like any of this really matters...

i never really was a reader, in fact i hated books most my life. i don't know what got into me but for the last few months ive loved everything about reading. just call me the little book worm. seriously i waisted so much time doing nothing when i could have been reading. i love books. last night i just barely finished the 2nd book of the hunger games. oh my gosh im in love. and you better not spoil the last book for me, because that's an automatic death wish (:
for those of you who have read the hunger games, you probably are all aware that peeta is the sexiest most romantic thing to walk this earth. that is why me and shannon are going to make shirts that say "team peeta." lets forget gale, hes so lame. just go for peeta, he stole my heart. man i wish he was real. but anyways this has nothing to pertain to anything. does that sentence even make sense?

what im really talking about is the crazy madness that is going to take place this next month.
first off, my mom is already so busy taking care of all my brothers mission stuff like buying all the junk you need (which is a lot) and making final arrangements. my brothers fair well is on the 19th, and we have a load of family coming to stay with us at OUR house. theres going to be like 25 people under this roof. then on the 20th of december, the day after the fair well we are leaving to california for christmas. bad idea, because now we have to hurry and get all of our christmas stuff together right after my family left. so then we are going to california for a few days, only like 5. which im way peeved about. and then we are coming home and then were going to have to prepare for palmer to leave on his mission. he is leaving on the 5th of january. include all the doctor visits and appointments this month and ive got  some pretty crazy weeks ahead of me. im already stressed about this month and the weight isnt even on my shoulders. i feel worse for my  mom. and on another note, im really not ready to say goodbye to palmer for two years. he is my only sibling and its going to be so weird not seeing him for two years. im really sad about it, but im not really talking about it because i don't want to think about it yet.

thats all.

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The one and ONLY Max Atwood said...

I love the hunger games. I couldnt put the book down.