snow and sorts

while everyone was cooped up inside because of this "hazardous" blizzard of the century, sitting at home bolting their windows shut and stocking up on food, i was not. no not i, i was out doing doughnuts, like every other teenager should have been doing. there may have not been much snow in pleasant grove but lehi is a whole different story. we were out there in the church parking lots spinnin' like crazy. screw the blizzard it makes perfect weather for some good fun. man oh man i sure do love them country boys that have their big 4 wheel drive trucks. makes it perfect for doughnuts. while we were in the parking lot one of the kids i was with thought it would be a good idea to get out of the truck and see how icy it was- long story short he fell flat on his face. probably the funniest thing of my life. now now, the news is just over reacting to all of this. they are acting like its armageddon or something. its not like we haven't seen snow before. get out and live a little bit, your only young once. didnt they say we were going to have 2 feet of snow with no visability? well im pretty sure they are wrong because there is nothing but clear skies right now. so everyone ,get out and do some dang doughnuts!

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