take a step back

today has been an off day.
jordan, in my peer tutor class got a 4.0 gpa. im proud of him, thats better than i did.
today i went to 2 different malls with my mom and grandma. i got some nifty new clothes.
some grey cords
a shirt from express
a sweater from maceys
and a cargo jacket from dillards

today i was walking around the mall with my jeans tucked into my cowboy boots.
everyone stared at me, gave me dirty looks and then i got crap from my mom for watching nascar.
well great, i couldn't be more proud to wear what i wear and like what i like.
that's what i like about those country folks. they don't judge, they are all laid back and so nice.
people in the city are so up tight and always on a schedule and if someone doesn't look high class they
automatically think less of them.
today i couldn't of been more happy to be wearing cowboy boots. im glad that i have the personality that i do. im glad that i love the country. sometimes people from the city are so buggy, some things they do are so ridiculous. today i literally saw barbie. she looked so fake. and i thought how sad that she couldn't accept herself so she changed so everybody else would accept her. its sad that she was so insecure that she let everyone else in the world rule what she looked like. its sad. and that's why i love the country. they accept you for who you are. and no you don't have to wear boots or a buckle to be one of them. they will take you for who you are, cowgirl or not. country people get the short end of the stick, they get looked down on because they are the "blue collared workers". but hey, at least they have a great time doing it. city people are so caught up in what they are doing they cant just take a step back and realize all the simple and wonderful things in life. if ya'll are caught up in your jobs and careers your not going to enjoy life. when your in the country time just seems to stop, and that's what makes it great.
so sure, look down on me for wearing boots or watching nascar, but i couldn't be more happy with what im doing and im proud of it.

and p.s. me watching nascar has nothing to do with that redneck cliche. i watch it because i honestly enjoy it.

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