tootsie pops.

mayonnaise. its such a funny word.
every time i say it or think about it i laugh.
isn't it just an awkward word? i think its awkward to say.
me and my friends always get into fights about which is the correct way to say it.
even the word miracle whip makes me laugh. i have a smile on my face right now.
okay. but really? isn't it just awkward? try to say mayonnaise next time your talking to your friends
and not feel dumb.

okay that had nothing to do with anything.

today my french teacher, mr burnah totally called me out in the middle of class.
he said "melia, i know its already half way sucked, but next time no candy in my classroom.
it just makes a mess of everything"
EXCUSE ME!? its a sucker. im 16 i think i can handle a sucker.
its not like im going to leave my trash everywhere and get my goopy sticky spit all over the desk.
i guess im not old or mature enough to handle a sucker.

christmas is in 44 days. hope your all getting your presents ready.

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