turkey day madness

i may or may not have ridden a bullet bike going 100 mph. if i did, lets not tell my mom.
actually, i really did. and it was amazingly fun. the adrenaline rush was amazing. except for it
was pretty freaking cold outside. it was great, but don't fret i had a helmet on.
this thanksgiving was exceptionally great. thanksgiving feast was the bomb, of course. i ate so much i really thought if i moved i was going to explode. i had to kinda sit on the couch for a few hours. after we played "fat dog" for a while we looked at the adds for black friday. its almost a tradition in our family. we sit around the dinner table and pass around the adds and make a game plan for the black friday madness. my parents and brother were party  poopers and went home before the real fun began, but i ended up staying at my cousins house over night and pretty much spent the night shopping. 
after we ate delicious dessert, Shaun took me on his bullet bike all around st george. it was seriously the best thing of my life. i had never been on a motorcycle before let alone going 100 mph. after the most amazing ride ever, me, my cousins, and friends played games until midnight. once midnight came around we all packed up our stuff and headed out for the long night of shopping. first we hit old navy, then walmart. walmart was pure chaos i tell you, CHAOS! after walmart we hit ross, and kohls. by that time it was about 2 in the morning. then it was time for bed. it was well worth it. i so love black friday. i also love thanksgiving with my whole  heart.  
today, was not quite as fun but still good. my whole dads side of my family went to get family pictures taken but it was too cold outside so everyone ended up in a bad mood. after pictures we went to pizza factory. its not easy trying to get a table for 20 people. pizza factory sucked too. there was a big soccer team next to us and they were probably the age of 7. they were so noisy and rude i seriously wanted to smack them. and their parents were no where to be found. they were breaking the wooden sticks their bread sticks came on, dancing on the tables, screaming, playing drums with their silver wear, spilling drinks everywhere... gosh i have a headache thinking about it. i gave them the evil death glare a few times and it worked for a second. now im going to see 'arry potta at 9:15 for the second time and im just as excited as i was the first time i saw it.

lets just say, st george never fails to disappoint and i always have the best time when im here.
i love my dads side of the family & the humor that they have.

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