what on earth.

some people. i just don't understand. why do some think its okay to belittle others? i simply do not understand. i don't understand why some people think they are so much better than everyone else, almost thinking that they deserve to be treated like royalty. i don't get why someone would rather say something mean, than give a smile. i know for sure that id much rather hear a nice hello, or a smile than a "your looking fat and ugly today" (no i didn't get that comment today, im just using an example.) i don't get why people think its okay to make fun of others because they enjoy other things than you do. isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion? i don't understand why people make fun of handicapt people, it literally makes me want to cry. i think its the most horrible thing when people go out of their way to avoid a handicapt kid. how rude. when i take my peer tutor class to lunch i practically see it every day. it breaks my heart for them. it hurts when they want a high five and a student at our school will simply ignore them because they are scared to give them a high five. that is what i call pure ignorance right there. its sad that people cant keep a thought to them self, or a rude comment. some people don't have a filter on their mouths. and i know, im not saying im perfect either. i cant say that ive never said a mean thing in my life. its sad that people have to make fun of others to make them feel good about themselves. i feel better about myself when im nice to others, not rude. so how bout next time instead of saying a rude belittling comment, lets just say something nice and smile. okay deal. and please, if you ever see a handicapt student in the halls at school go ahead and give them a high five, you will seriously make their day.

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