your future is as bright as your faith

im stuck on 8 followers. forever. if you read my blog and your scared to join, please do. you would make my day (:

church was good today. especially sacrament meeting.
there was 16 people in my sunday school class. did we learn? sort of.
most of the lesson was spent eating chips and salsa. oh how i love my sunday school teacher.

for young womens we talked about talents.
people wrote this about me.

"loves cowboys. cool blonde streak. has long eyelashes. and skinny legs. vince loves you"
that was from shannon of course.
"redneck! excited for jason aldean, rodeos all next summer!"
"yw's every week buddies! i love you, your're the best!"
"very easy to talk to and loves the people shes around"
"melia is really funny and makes lessons entertaining"
"you are so cool. smart and fiercly independent"
"outgoing and very fun"
"such a funny sense of humor"

ya know, it really makes people smile when you give them compliments or
tell them something nice. so im going to try to start being more nice to everyone
and telling them nice things about them, and really mean it.

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