a little paradise

this is how i spent my christmas eve...

hope you all have a great new years eve!



fallen, yes i have fallen. and he keeps calling me back again.

i spent christmas eve on the beach. it was good. i still have no time to type but ill add pictures soon. enjoy the break because its almost over.


busy as a bee

well i have much to say and many things to tell you about.
but my life is crazy right now and im trying to live my christmas break to the fullest.
my brother is leaving for two years in t minus 8 days and im not looking forward to it.
i promise ill catch up with my life as soon as it calms down


ho ho ho

santa brought me:
a new cell phone
a pair of cowboy boots
my favorite perfume, euphoria. because i ran out
a pink nascar hat
a hoodie from cabelas
clothes from old navy
the across the universe soundtrack
itunes card
some black sparkly toms
and oh yeah, some more clothes.

this christmas was one of the best. but of course i say that every year. i hope your christmas was just as wondeful as mine. and i hope you spend the whole entire christmas day in your pajamas, like im doing right now. tonight im going to hot tub and watch inception. i am quite excited.

i was super excited about my neon yellow sports bra
just ignore palmer looking drunk

me waiting for the fun the adults to wake up, its the worst.

my dads christmas present from me. he really liked it.

us waiting for the fun to begin

santa did good this year.

a merry christmas to all and to all a goodnight.
i hope christmas 2010 was amazing.


its the most wonderful time of the year.

i cant believe christmas is really here. christmas is seriously the best holiday. filled with family, food, laughs and of course presents. but its good to give presents too. but its better to receive them (tehe) we have alot of traditions in our family. you've probably never heard of them. but my family does them every year and i will most definitely continue them on to my own family later in life. so here is my christmas eve/day in a nut shell.
wake up and get ready.
usually have breakfast. this christmas were going out to brunch at mimis cafe
do last minute shopping for stocking stuffers
make a gingerbread house
go watch the sunset on the beach (best tradition ever)
make sugar cookies and decorate them
make reindeer food and scatter it all throughout the lawn*
play dont eat santa*
watch the johnny bravo christmas special.* (and for those of you who dont know what johnny bravo is, im sorry)
open new christmas pajamas
put out milk and cookies for santa
hang the stockings

go to bed and dream of sugar plums

wake up the christmas morning around 6 am, and wait for the parents to get their lazy bums out of bed.
open presents.
play with presents all after noon
make christmas dinner
eat christmas dinner
play with your toys some more.
wake up the next morning and play with your presents again.

*reindeer food is where you mix together oats and glitter in a bag and then you go throw it all over the lawn outside. my cousins enjoy it because they still believe in santa.  me, not so much. but ill carry on the tradition anyways.

*dont eat santa is a game me and my family plays. its a really pointless stupid game but it always calls for some good laughs, so we play it anyways.

*johnny bravo was a tv show on the cartoon network a long time ago. i think its hilarious. anyways we watch the same christmas special every year and i could quote every line, word for word. its a pretty funny movie.

anyways i hope you guys all have a wonderful christmas filled with family and fun!
merry christmas my dear blog followers (:


dramatic people

dear new followers, thank you.
and those of you who comment, thank you.
i do write this blog for myself but its nice to hear from you guys once in a blue moon.

i think drama is funny. im talking about the friend drama, the boyfriend drama, the family drama, the dog drama, the drama drama, the cheerleader drama, whatever kind of drama. i think its funny. i do not put myself in situations where there is drama. i dealt with way to much in my junior high years and to be honest i think it kind of scarred me. i was the butt of every joke, the one that was bulled, and the one that no one wanted to be friends with. true story. (ill save that for another post) anyways ive had enough drama to fill up my entire life so ive pretty much stayed out of it my high school years which i am so thankful for. drama is so unnecessary. i don't know why girls find it amusing to start or create drama. sometimes girls draw drama to themselves so they can get attention. some girls crave drama. well, that is not for me. i avoid drama like the plague and thank goodness i haven't had any drama for a few years now. which i like. life is a lot better with no drama. its happier and more enjoyable. but there is also another side to drama, which is stopping it. you can either be a part of drama, or put an end to it. and i think ive moved to the ending it side. i had so much drama and friend problems for a good 3 years and ive had enough so i'll never be going back to the drama side. but now that ive had my turn with drama, its time for me to start ending drama. i hate seeing people fight, i hate seeing people sad and i HATE seeing people being made fun of. ive stepped my way into some fights to stand up for people. i hate people being bullied so yes, i have stood up for people that were getting bulled. its not always easy, but its so worth it. if you ever hear people in the halls, or in class talking bad about someone or starting rumors, or just causing drama. please say something to them. ive done that before, and it can be awkward but you will feel so much better after you say something. the drama, bullying and belittling needs to stop at pleasant grove high school. so take a stand, and say something.

but in the mean time, im going to sit back with my bowl of popcorn while i watch all this drama. 



"how much longer is your drive?"
"well according to this map about three more inches"

my friends make me laugh.
it has been raining here in california since the second i got here. i haven't seen the sun in about two days and im starting to miss it. last night i partied it up in the hot tub while it was pouring rain. of course me and claire brought a umbrella with us in the hot tub. it worked pretty great.
im so excited for christmas i just cant wait! im pretty 100% positive that santa is bringing me these cute boots.
look at them!

i saw tron in 3D, it was a great movie i suggest you go see it. only if its in 3D though! i saw the trailer for cars 2, and oh my gosh i think im going to die. i love cars so much! i cant freaking wait to see it. anyways im going to go live it up while im here in california.


elder clegg

as of today, i couldn't possibly be more proud of my  brother.
he is going to be the best missionary in the whole world. i don't know if ive ever felt the spirit so strong in my life. my brothers talk basically moved everyone to tears. seriously me my mom and dad were crying the whole time. i saw my brother cry for the first time today and i  heard my brothers testimony today for the first time. oh boy, it was powerful. we have had people over at our house for most the day visiting and saying their final goodbyes. i sure am going to miss my brother, but i couldn't be any more proud to tell people that my brother is out there serving the Lord. the people of Bolivia are so lucky to be getting palmer, hes going to be amazing. my brother is one of my biggest examples and one of my greatest heros. i love him so much.

i really am so proud of you palmer, i couldn't ask for a better brother.


the worlds foremost outfitter

there is something about this place that really makes me so happy.
i love cabelas with my whole heart. i literally go there at least once a week. one time, i spent the entire day at cabelas. we entered the store when it opened and left when it closed. there really is nothing better. if you ever get bored with your friends, go here. they have food to eat, places to take a rest, things to look at, games to play and of course outdoor gear to buy. this place could never get old.
me and angela took a trip there today and it was PACKED. the saturday right before christmas is not a good day to go shopping. it was so crazy inside, but it made it so much more fun. i love cabelas because i can pretty much talk to just about any person there because we obviously all like the same things. just about every one that enters that store has a pair of cowboy boots on and camouflage which makes me feel right at home. there are SO many cute cowboys at cabelas which is probably the real reason i go there. i'll probably get a job here someday. cabelas is really the greatest. when me and my friends get tired of walking around we go into the furniture section and take a seat on the couches and sit there for hours and talk. and the best thing about that? the people don't even get mad at us for sitting there. one time a worker came and asked us if he could get us something to drink while we were sitting on the couches. oh, they also have the best restraunt inside. i recommend the elk sandwich and fries. there fries are SO GOOD and the elk was pretty amazing too. they also have  deer and bison and stuff. its so good. i could live there maybe.
in cabelas they have a little airplane hanging from the ceiling. once an old lady came up to my friend josh and asked him how they got the plane inside. josh replied, "well miss, they flew it right in here!" the old lady believed him and i spent the rest of the day laughing. i could go on and on about my memories in cabelas or how much i love that place. really, its the worlds best. i'd compare it to disneyland maybe.
cabelas is my second home.

p.s. the hot cowboys are really the best part about cabelas.

do you realize there is a thumbs up in all of these pictures?
and they were all taken on different occasions.
man, i must really love that place.




i may or may not be posting much because i have lots of christmas fun that i need to fulfill and im going to california on monday, moving my brother out of his dorm at BYU, wrapping presents, packing for california, plus my brother is leaving for a mission.... SOOO if i can get a chance between all of that, i will blog.

hope you all have a very merry christmas.
have a good holiday break, because we all need it. 

oh and remember, when you guys are celebrating Christmas eve in the snow, i'll be walking on the beach during sunset. literally.


my best friend.

let me just tell you about one of my best friends for a second.
jordan huff.
some of you may know him, most of you probably do. he is a guy at our school that is handicapt and in a wheelchair. and let me just say that he is hands down the most inspiring person ive ever met. i don't even think talking about him will do him justice. i am jordans buddy in peer tutor class. i sit by him all period and help him with whatever he needs and i take him to speech therapy. i also take him to lunch & i get him his lunch. i love getting his lunch for him, it makes me feel great. jordan is one of the nicest, smartest kids i know. it doesn't matter who you are, he will ask about your family and make sure they are doing okay. if he knows someone is sick he goes out of his way to make them feel good. if you are sick he will do whatever he can do make you feel better. he remembers everything he is ever told and knows basically everyone in the school. he has so many friends and it makes me try harder to make more friends. jordan is so talented. he is so good at coaching baseball & he has such motivation to finish whatever he starts. he has such hilarious sarcasm and i totally relate to him. yeah maybe hes in a wheelchair, but that doesn't make me and him any different. i feel bad for jordan some days. because he is so smart, and he knows that hes handicapt and some days i just wish that he could walk, or control his movement. my heart hurts for him somedays because i wish he could walk. he has so much potential in life and he is going to go so far, i just wish that he could walk. but then, i remember that god made him like that for a reason and then i don't feel so bad. i look up to jordan so much, he is so much stronger than i am, and hes so much stronger than ill ever be. hes already had back and hip surgery, he can endure so much pain. more than i can handle. jordan is always looking out for me, making sure that im happy. in his situation, its amazing how selfless he is. he is so good at singing, really he is. the days that i take him to speech therapy i cant help but smile ear to ear. im so proud of him, because he really is getting better at talking every day. when he says my name i honestly want to give him a hug. i can tell that he really tries at therapy, because he wants to be better so bad. he wants to talk normally and control his movement, so he tries so hard. and it truly inspires me. when i walk into peer tutor i cant wait to see that smile on jordans face. every time i walk in jordans face lights up and he yells "meliaaaa!" and he just has the biggest smile on my face. it makes me smile too. i can hardly wait on A days to get to 3rd period to catch up with my best friend. we have so much in common. i honestly love jordan to pieces and im so sad that peer tutor is almost over. that class has changed my life forever, so has jordan. jordan is the most inspiring, amazing person at our school. hes going to go so far in life. jordan always sets a high standard for himself. once he accomplishes something, hes right onto the next goal. he never stops trying and hes always working to be better. he has so many goals for himself and im so proud that hes going to graduate high school this year. he has put so much work into it. next year he is going to ATEC and hes going to get a job. seriously nothing makes me prouder. im thankful that i had the chance to become friends with jordan and help him learn.

keep on working for your goals jordan, because one day, your going to get them.


ready or not, here it comes.

i know im only a junior. but here i am looking back on all my school years and then i realized that my high school years are exactly half over. i think im going to have an anxiety attack. im only 16, and in less than a year im going to be applying for college. the thought scares me to death. i don't want to grow up, ever. i want to live this age forever. it really seems like just yesterday that i was a scared sophomore at high school and i honestly cant believe that im almost a senior. i think im going to cry. i never want high school to end. in one year i'll be at the Marriott center waiting to get my diploma. then im off to college somewhere in a far away land. then i have to say goodbye to angie and then i will loose it. angie has been my sidekick and partner since the 7th grade. we've been by each other through all the drama. i cant imagine my life without her. a life without angie is like... depressing. gosh im going to cry. real life is hitting me to fast. im not old enough for this, and defiantly not ready to be preparing to go into the real world. the thing im most worried about is loosing angie. she is my other half, my macaroni to my cheese. like i never really worried about choosing a college because i always thought i had plenty more time, more time to do what i wanted and be a teenager. but now ive realized my time has run out and its hit me like a bag of bricks. the only place i have left to go is into the future. think about it, in less than 4 years i could be married. 4 years is not that long! i just cant believe reality has came this fast... i always thought i had more time.


i find it really hilarious when white people at our school use words like

and i hate when people add extra letersssssss in each word they type.

 likee i rrealyy hatee wheen peopple taalk likee thiss, yaa digg beezzzy?


oh night, devine.

do me a favor,
listen to this.

i get chills when i listen to it.
just listen to the whole thing please.
i sure do love my country christmas music.

you learn something new everyday, yes you do.
french is going to give me a heart attack.
so is palmer leaving on a mission.

jordan hates animals as he so expressed to me the other day in peer tutor. i couldnt stop laughing it was seriously the funniest thing ive ever heard him talk about. he really hates animals with a passion and i just laugh. he is so cute.
tomorrow im going caroling to the front office with my peer tutor class. we made them sugar cookies too. its going to be great.

life is good. oh so good. sometimes peoples stupid choices make me peeved. but you know what? its not my fault and i cant control them.

take deep breathes melia...



can we keep him? okay thanks.
meet todd.

today was todds farewell talk. i think ive had enough of those dang farewells. todd was like an older brother to me and im going to miss him like crazy. he told the best stories ever and he could make you cry from laughing so hard. every time i was with him i would be laughing constantly. he is the funniest man alive and one of the nicest.
i really held it all together today at his talk, i did quite well i think. and then it was time to say the final goodbyes. i still held it together and i gave him a hug. then i gave him a second one. then shannon started to cry and then todd started to cry. then todds girlfriend sam started to cry and that was it, i couldn't handle it anymore and i started to cry. me sam shannon and todd cried together for a few minutes, gave one last hug and that was the last of it. im sure going to miss that man, i always looked forward to seeing him because he could seriously lighten the mood of an entire room with his jokes. ill never forget the trip i took with him to arizona. one of the funnest weeks of my life. anyways i know todd is going to be a great missionary but im sure going to miss him.
my favorite memory of todd was swimming in the pool in arizona for hours on end and then going into the club house and playing ping pong for hours in our bathing suits. of course he whooped my butt and i epically lost.
"babe we saved you a table over there"
"i cant eat that i gotta watch my carbs"
"me hungy"
"i want a mcdouble with no letuce and extra big mac sauce"

every time i see a mcdonalds or jack in the box i will think of you.

that kid is my favorite.
good luck todd (:


im dreading.

palmer leaves in twenty five days. i can tell its going to be like world war 3 breaking loose at my house. there is going to be lots of tears and hugs. gosh i don't even think i will be able to look at my mom without crying. the sad part is, is when i think about it i already get teary eyed and the real day hasn't even come yet. over 16 years me and palmer were never close. never a hug, never an "i love you." the first time i hugged palmer was at family pictures this year because the photographer told us to. but it was alright with us, we never showed affection but we had it. some of my favorite memories are with my brother. sure we fight alot and say rude comments and make fun of each other and half the time were mad at each other, but he is my only sibling and i love him. so honestly im going to be crying buckets the day we take him to the MTC. its 25 days away and the tears have already started coming. january 5th is going to be one ugly day. to be honest im really quite stressed about this whole thing. two whole years without seeing my brother. i know on the outside its not a big deal, but to the family its a whole nother story. im not ready for this.

i took the ACT today, and it sucked.
i went to the gym today and i was there for 2 hours
i watched sherlock holmes today
i watched 5 episodes of the office. i love jim. 



life has been weird lately, but its been good.
ive changed alot from last year.
my stomach hurts.
anyways tomorrow im taking the ACT and im pretty nervous. hopefully i don't totally fail.
my friend shannon got the worlds cutest puppy alive, named suka. its a boy and its a miniature husky. have you ever heard of one? they are super cute. they are specially bred. anywho the dog is about 8 weeks old and i had the chance of babysitting the cute little thing the other night.



"Melia Clegg, now, we are already friends, but i am continually impressed by this girl. she is such an example. she has a heart of gold, very cheesy, but true. i love seeing her in the halls, and i know that i can always trust in her for anything, including a good laugh"

thank you mardi. i really needed to hear that today. its been a long one and it made me feel great.
nothing like a little nice comment to make your day. try smiling at someone, it works.

and ill have you all know i went to the gym and i ran all my anger off so i have my head screwed on straight again and all is well... for the most part.

how lame

sometimes you make such great much progress, only to fall back into square one again.
after months & months of recovery and moving on, here i am yet again back to the place i began because of my stupid mistakes. im so frusterated right now.
why cant we just pause life and rewind it back to october, november and december of 2009. those were the most perfect days of my life. i honestly wish it was either back in 2009 or ten years forward in my life. im so sick of this situation that im stuck in. it feels like im going to be in it forever, i honestly feel no way out.
so here i am, back in square one.
i am so dumb sometimes. 


he who must not be named

honestly, lord voldemort isnt that bad looking.



today i am just going to blab. nothing special.

palmer leaves in exactly four weeks, for 730 days.
im going to miss him. i already miss him and he hasnt even left yet. my heart already hurts. i don't think i am prepared for all the tears that are going to come. i don't think i am quite ready to watch my mom bawl her eyes out. im just got strong enough to deal with all of this. im scared to be honest. i know palmer is doing the right thing but im going to miss him like crazy. ugh i think im stressed out.

my dad burped today i said "dad that was disgusting" my dad said "thanks i learn from the best." and that's true, i do burp quite a lot. you could say im a man. its okay there is no shame, im almost proud that i can beat most guys in a burping contest. i do love my daddy, he is the best.

thursdee night i went to temple square for young womens. i walked into the visitors center and lo and behold i saw a group of down syndrome teenagers preparing to sing christmas carols. they were all matching and all had pretty red flowers on their shirts. as i saw them my jaw fell open and i let out a long "awwww." i love handicapt people so much. their show was just about to begin and i was so excited to hear them sing. once they started singing i honestly couldn't help but shed a few tears. it was the sweetest thing ive ever heard. the second words start coming out of their mouths the spirit hit me like a ton of bricks. handicapt people have the sweetest spirits, and i can feel it when im around them. well to say the least, that was the highlight of my week.

jordan, the kid i peer tutor. is so amazing. i get choked up sometimes when i think about him. some days i feel like they don't really remember me. like im only a girl that comes into class every once in a while. sometimes i feel like he doesn't even know who i am. but the other day they called a girl  named Leah to the front office. and since my name kinda sounds like Leah, Jordan thought they had called me to the front office. as i walked into class jordan said "whats your last name? because i think they just called you to the front office." it made me smile so big because that proved that he knows who i am, he can put my name with a face and he remembers me. it also shows that he cares about me and looks out for me because he wanted to let me know that i might have been called to the office. even though it really wasn't me that had to go to the office, at least jordan thought about me. it makes me so happy that he knows who i really am and he knows my name and he remembers me. gosh you guys i love peer tutor so much.

palmer and his 5 room mates are coming over for dinner tonight. its going to be fun. plus two of them are from texas, if you know what i mean. were going to have a good time. plus 5 boys from BYU can't be bad looking either ;)

can i get a hoorah for getting all my christmas shopping done? usually i dont do it until the week before christmas but ive really been on a roll this month. no more procrastination, i got it all done. and let me just tell you it feels great to have it out of the way and not have to worry about it for the rest of the month. now its time to relax... err i mean time to stress out and have anxiety.



i decided it was only appropriate because all the magazines are doing it too.
so here you have it, the sexiest men of 2010. they are in no particular order.
(except for number 1, because he really is the sexiest of all)

christian bale

gerrard butler
(he has a sexy voice too!)

jake gyllenhaal

daniel radcliff
(shut up i think hes cute)

johnny depp

joseph gordon-levitt

robert downy jr
shia labeouf

ryan reynolds

leonardo dicaprio
he stole my heart in titanic and ive loved
every  movie hes been in since.
making him...

did anyone else notice that i really seem to like guys with facial hair? strange.