dramatic people

dear new followers, thank you.
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i do write this blog for myself but its nice to hear from you guys once in a blue moon.

i think drama is funny. im talking about the friend drama, the boyfriend drama, the family drama, the dog drama, the drama drama, the cheerleader drama, whatever kind of drama. i think its funny. i do not put myself in situations where there is drama. i dealt with way to much in my junior high years and to be honest i think it kind of scarred me. i was the butt of every joke, the one that was bulled, and the one that no one wanted to be friends with. true story. (ill save that for another post) anyways ive had enough drama to fill up my entire life so ive pretty much stayed out of it my high school years which i am so thankful for. drama is so unnecessary. i don't know why girls find it amusing to start or create drama. sometimes girls draw drama to themselves so they can get attention. some girls crave drama. well, that is not for me. i avoid drama like the plague and thank goodness i haven't had any drama for a few years now. which i like. life is a lot better with no drama. its happier and more enjoyable. but there is also another side to drama, which is stopping it. you can either be a part of drama, or put an end to it. and i think ive moved to the ending it side. i had so much drama and friend problems for a good 3 years and ive had enough so i'll never be going back to the drama side. but now that ive had my turn with drama, its time for me to start ending drama. i hate seeing people fight, i hate seeing people sad and i HATE seeing people being made fun of. ive stepped my way into some fights to stand up for people. i hate people being bullied so yes, i have stood up for people that were getting bulled. its not always easy, but its so worth it. if you ever hear people in the halls, or in class talking bad about someone or starting rumors, or just causing drama. please say something to them. ive done that before, and it can be awkward but you will feel so much better after you say something. the drama, bullying and belittling needs to stop at pleasant grove high school. so take a stand, and say something.

but in the mean time, im going to sit back with my bowl of popcorn while i watch all this drama. 

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