elder clegg

as of today, i couldn't possibly be more proud of my  brother.
he is going to be the best missionary in the whole world. i don't know if ive ever felt the spirit so strong in my life. my brothers talk basically moved everyone to tears. seriously me my mom and dad were crying the whole time. i saw my brother cry for the first time today and i  heard my brothers testimony today for the first time. oh boy, it was powerful. we have had people over at our house for most the day visiting and saying their final goodbyes. i sure am going to miss my brother, but i couldn't be any more proud to tell people that my brother is out there serving the Lord. the people of Bolivia are so lucky to be getting palmer, hes going to be amazing. my brother is one of my biggest examples and one of my greatest heros. i love him so much.

i really am so proud of you palmer, i couldn't ask for a better brother.

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