ho ho ho

santa brought me:
a new cell phone
a pair of cowboy boots
my favorite perfume, euphoria. because i ran out
a pink nascar hat
a hoodie from cabelas
clothes from old navy
the across the universe soundtrack
itunes card
some black sparkly toms
and oh yeah, some more clothes.

this christmas was one of the best. but of course i say that every year. i hope your christmas was just as wondeful as mine. and i hope you spend the whole entire christmas day in your pajamas, like im doing right now. tonight im going to hot tub and watch inception. i am quite excited.

i was super excited about my neon yellow sports bra
just ignore palmer looking drunk

me waiting for the fun the adults to wake up, its the worst.

my dads christmas present from me. he really liked it.

us waiting for the fun to begin

santa did good this year.

a merry christmas to all and to all a goodnight.
i hope christmas 2010 was amazing.

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