im dreading.

palmer leaves in twenty five days. i can tell its going to be like world war 3 breaking loose at my house. there is going to be lots of tears and hugs. gosh i don't even think i will be able to look at my mom without crying. the sad part is, is when i think about it i already get teary eyed and the real day hasn't even come yet. over 16 years me and palmer were never close. never a hug, never an "i love you." the first time i hugged palmer was at family pictures this year because the photographer told us to. but it was alright with us, we never showed affection but we had it. some of my favorite memories are with my brother. sure we fight alot and say rude comments and make fun of each other and half the time were mad at each other, but he is my only sibling and i love him. so honestly im going to be crying buckets the day we take him to the MTC. its 25 days away and the tears have already started coming. january 5th is going to be one ugly day. to be honest im really quite stressed about this whole thing. two whole years without seeing my brother. i know on the outside its not a big deal, but to the family its a whole nother story. im not ready for this.

i took the ACT today, and it sucked.
i went to the gym today and i was there for 2 hours
i watched sherlock holmes today
i watched 5 episodes of the office. i love jim. 

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