its the most wonderful time of the year.

i cant believe christmas is really here. christmas is seriously the best holiday. filled with family, food, laughs and of course presents. but its good to give presents too. but its better to receive them (tehe) we have alot of traditions in our family. you've probably never heard of them. but my family does them every year and i will most definitely continue them on to my own family later in life. so here is my christmas eve/day in a nut shell.
wake up and get ready.
usually have breakfast. this christmas were going out to brunch at mimis cafe
do last minute shopping for stocking stuffers
make a gingerbread house
go watch the sunset on the beach (best tradition ever)
make sugar cookies and decorate them
make reindeer food and scatter it all throughout the lawn*
play dont eat santa*
watch the johnny bravo christmas special.* (and for those of you who dont know what johnny bravo is, im sorry)
open new christmas pajamas
put out milk and cookies for santa
hang the stockings

go to bed and dream of sugar plums

wake up the christmas morning around 6 am, and wait for the parents to get their lazy bums out of bed.
open presents.
play with presents all after noon
make christmas dinner
eat christmas dinner
play with your toys some more.
wake up the next morning and play with your presents again.

*reindeer food is where you mix together oats and glitter in a bag and then you go throw it all over the lawn outside. my cousins enjoy it because they still believe in santa.  me, not so much. but ill carry on the tradition anyways.

*dont eat santa is a game me and my family plays. its a really pointless stupid game but it always calls for some good laughs, so we play it anyways.

*johnny bravo was a tv show on the cartoon network a long time ago. i think its hilarious. anyways we watch the same christmas special every year and i could quote every line, word for word. its a pretty funny movie.

anyways i hope you guys all have a wonderful christmas filled with family and fun!
merry christmas my dear blog followers (:

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