can we keep him? okay thanks.
meet todd.

today was todds farewell talk. i think ive had enough of those dang farewells. todd was like an older brother to me and im going to miss him like crazy. he told the best stories ever and he could make you cry from laughing so hard. every time i was with him i would be laughing constantly. he is the funniest man alive and one of the nicest.
i really held it all together today at his talk, i did quite well i think. and then it was time to say the final goodbyes. i still held it together and i gave him a hug. then i gave him a second one. then shannon started to cry and then todd started to cry. then todds girlfriend sam started to cry and that was it, i couldn't handle it anymore and i started to cry. me sam shannon and todd cried together for a few minutes, gave one last hug and that was the last of it. im sure going to miss that man, i always looked forward to seeing him because he could seriously lighten the mood of an entire room with his jokes. ill never forget the trip i took with him to arizona. one of the funnest weeks of my life. anyways i know todd is going to be a great missionary but im sure going to miss him.
my favorite memory of todd was swimming in the pool in arizona for hours on end and then going into the club house and playing ping pong for hours in our bathing suits. of course he whooped my butt and i epically lost.
"babe we saved you a table over there"
"i cant eat that i gotta watch my carbs"
"me hungy"
"i want a mcdouble with no letuce and extra big mac sauce"

every time i see a mcdonalds or jack in the box i will think of you.

that kid is my favorite.
good luck todd (:

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