my best friend.

let me just tell you about one of my best friends for a second.
jordan huff.
some of you may know him, most of you probably do. he is a guy at our school that is handicapt and in a wheelchair. and let me just say that he is hands down the most inspiring person ive ever met. i don't even think talking about him will do him justice. i am jordans buddy in peer tutor class. i sit by him all period and help him with whatever he needs and i take him to speech therapy. i also take him to lunch & i get him his lunch. i love getting his lunch for him, it makes me feel great. jordan is one of the nicest, smartest kids i know. it doesn't matter who you are, he will ask about your family and make sure they are doing okay. if he knows someone is sick he goes out of his way to make them feel good. if you are sick he will do whatever he can do make you feel better. he remembers everything he is ever told and knows basically everyone in the school. he has so many friends and it makes me try harder to make more friends. jordan is so talented. he is so good at coaching baseball & he has such motivation to finish whatever he starts. he has such hilarious sarcasm and i totally relate to him. yeah maybe hes in a wheelchair, but that doesn't make me and him any different. i feel bad for jordan some days. because he is so smart, and he knows that hes handicapt and some days i just wish that he could walk, or control his movement. my heart hurts for him somedays because i wish he could walk. he has so much potential in life and he is going to go so far, i just wish that he could walk. but then, i remember that god made him like that for a reason and then i don't feel so bad. i look up to jordan so much, he is so much stronger than i am, and hes so much stronger than ill ever be. hes already had back and hip surgery, he can endure so much pain. more than i can handle. jordan is always looking out for me, making sure that im happy. in his situation, its amazing how selfless he is. he is so good at singing, really he is. the days that i take him to speech therapy i cant help but smile ear to ear. im so proud of him, because he really is getting better at talking every day. when he says my name i honestly want to give him a hug. i can tell that he really tries at therapy, because he wants to be better so bad. he wants to talk normally and control his movement, so he tries so hard. and it truly inspires me. when i walk into peer tutor i cant wait to see that smile on jordans face. every time i walk in jordans face lights up and he yells "meliaaaa!" and he just has the biggest smile on my face. it makes me smile too. i can hardly wait on A days to get to 3rd period to catch up with my best friend. we have so much in common. i honestly love jordan to pieces and im so sad that peer tutor is almost over. that class has changed my life forever, so has jordan. jordan is the most inspiring, amazing person at our school. hes going to go so far in life. jordan always sets a high standard for himself. once he accomplishes something, hes right onto the next goal. he never stops trying and hes always working to be better. he has so many goals for himself and im so proud that hes going to graduate high school this year. he has put so much work into it. next year he is going to ATEC and hes going to get a job. seriously nothing makes me prouder. im thankful that i had the chance to become friends with jordan and help him learn.

keep on working for your goals jordan, because one day, your going to get them.

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mardiiiii said...

i do peer tutor with jordan too. and let me just say, everything you say is exactly right. i love that kid to death. he has taught me more about loving and accepting people than i ever thought. he really has changed my life. every time i am with him he is so happy and loves to chat with anyone he sees. he says hello to everyone in the hall and is a true gentlemen. i love him and am sad that peer tutor is almost over too. i wish i could be with him more. i love when he sees me in the hall and is like "MAAAARDI!" and asks how i am. aaah. such a cool guy. i love him just as much as you do. amazing person.