oh night, devine.

do me a favor,
listen to this.

i get chills when i listen to it.
just listen to the whole thing please.
i sure do love my country christmas music.

you learn something new everyday, yes you do.
french is going to give me a heart attack.
so is palmer leaving on a mission.

jordan hates animals as he so expressed to me the other day in peer tutor. i couldnt stop laughing it was seriously the funniest thing ive ever heard him talk about. he really hates animals with a passion and i just laugh. he is so cute.
tomorrow im going caroling to the front office with my peer tutor class. we made them sugar cookies too. its going to be great.

life is good. oh so good. sometimes peoples stupid choices make me peeved. but you know what? its not my fault and i cant control them.

take deep breathes melia...

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