"how much longer is your drive?"
"well according to this map about three more inches"

my friends make me laugh.
it has been raining here in california since the second i got here. i haven't seen the sun in about two days and im starting to miss it. last night i partied it up in the hot tub while it was pouring rain. of course me and claire brought a umbrella with us in the hot tub. it worked pretty great.
im so excited for christmas i just cant wait! im pretty 100% positive that santa is bringing me these cute boots.
look at them!

i saw tron in 3D, it was a great movie i suggest you go see it. only if its in 3D though! i saw the trailer for cars 2, and oh my gosh i think im going to die. i love cars so much! i cant freaking wait to see it. anyways im going to go live it up while im here in california.


mardiiiii said...

i saw tron at midnight when it came out, lets just say i was not too impressed.
yes i saw it 3D.
maybe i was just tired and falling asleep the whole time and can't remember anything. hahahahaha.

melia said...

your crazy i loved it!