ready or not, here it comes.

i know im only a junior. but here i am looking back on all my school years and then i realized that my high school years are exactly half over. i think im going to have an anxiety attack. im only 16, and in less than a year im going to be applying for college. the thought scares me to death. i don't want to grow up, ever. i want to live this age forever. it really seems like just yesterday that i was a scared sophomore at high school and i honestly cant believe that im almost a senior. i think im going to cry. i never want high school to end. in one year i'll be at the Marriott center waiting to get my diploma. then im off to college somewhere in a far away land. then i have to say goodbye to angie and then i will loose it. angie has been my sidekick and partner since the 7th grade. we've been by each other through all the drama. i cant imagine my life without her. a life without angie is like... depressing. gosh im going to cry. real life is hitting me to fast. im not old enough for this, and defiantly not ready to be preparing to go into the real world. the thing im most worried about is loosing angie. she is my other half, my macaroni to my cheese. like i never really worried about choosing a college because i always thought i had plenty more time, more time to do what i wanted and be a teenager. but now ive realized my time has run out and its hit me like a bag of bricks. the only place i have left to go is into the future. think about it, in less than 4 years i could be married. 4 years is not that long! i just cant believe reality has came this fast... i always thought i had more time.

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mardiiiii said...

i'm terrified too.
don't worry.