the worlds foremost outfitter

there is something about this place that really makes me so happy.
i love cabelas with my whole heart. i literally go there at least once a week. one time, i spent the entire day at cabelas. we entered the store when it opened and left when it closed. there really is nothing better. if you ever get bored with your friends, go here. they have food to eat, places to take a rest, things to look at, games to play and of course outdoor gear to buy. this place could never get old.
me and angela took a trip there today and it was PACKED. the saturday right before christmas is not a good day to go shopping. it was so crazy inside, but it made it so much more fun. i love cabelas because i can pretty much talk to just about any person there because we obviously all like the same things. just about every one that enters that store has a pair of cowboy boots on and camouflage which makes me feel right at home. there are SO many cute cowboys at cabelas which is probably the real reason i go there. i'll probably get a job here someday. cabelas is really the greatest. when me and my friends get tired of walking around we go into the furniture section and take a seat on the couches and sit there for hours and talk. and the best thing about that? the people don't even get mad at us for sitting there. one time a worker came and asked us if he could get us something to drink while we were sitting on the couches. oh, they also have the best restraunt inside. i recommend the elk sandwich and fries. there fries are SO GOOD and the elk was pretty amazing too. they also have  deer and bison and stuff. its so good. i could live there maybe.
in cabelas they have a little airplane hanging from the ceiling. once an old lady came up to my friend josh and asked him how they got the plane inside. josh replied, "well miss, they flew it right in here!" the old lady believed him and i spent the rest of the day laughing. i could go on and on about my memories in cabelas or how much i love that place. really, its the worlds best. i'd compare it to disneyland maybe.
cabelas is my second home.

p.s. the hot cowboys are really the best part about cabelas.

do you realize there is a thumbs up in all of these pictures?
and they were all taken on different occasions.
man, i must really love that place.

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