boycott new years eve

i wont beat around the bush. i hate new years eve. i cant stand this holiday and i won't try to pretend that i like it. i wish i could sleep through it. in fact, i will probably spend most of the day watching modern family. something about new years eve puts me in the worst mood. i just hate this holiday. it's probably because i associate it with lots of bad memories. oh i hate this day. 


cya 2011

surprise! i changed my blog name. this is final now. i'll tell you the story behind little country later. i thought i could use a new blog title for the new year, and i'll be honest i hated tailgates & tanlines. anyway, i guess 2011 is basically over. its been a crazy year to say the least.
i discovered a lot about myself this year. if i could, i would put 2011 on repeat. it was an amazing year. i said goodbye to my big brother, and it was hard. i stayed in the disneyland hotel for my first time. i went ghost hunting in tombstone arizona. i went camping, became a senior and got my nursing assistant license. i found out a lot about the medical field, and started an internship at the hospital. i made countless new friends and said goodbye to friends that weren't good for me. i was called as the laurels class president, and church became important to me. i made one of the biggest decisions of my life, and decided to go to utah state university. i moved on from one of the most challenging trials in my life. it took two years, but i moved on and i am never looking back. i got my first job as a lifeguard, and i saved two lives. i went to the rodeo many times, and i went to more concerts this year than any other. i went four wheeling a lot and had more campfires than i can count. i let my heart open up for the first time since my sophomore year. i met an amazing man on the fourth of july and fell head over heels. it was the first time i had felt butterflies in years. i was shown around a country boy's world. i saw jason aldean live and cried tears of joy, and i took kolton to tim mcgraw for his 18th birthday. that summer was the happiest i'd been in years. i star gazed a lot, and i slow danced around a campfire. i went shooting at the provo gun range and went mudding out at five mile. i had the best 17th birthday surrounded with lots of people i love, until the cops crashed my party. i went to cabelas at least once a week and i went to my first duck calling competition. i grew closer to angie and ate a lot of costa vida. i learned so much about myself. i truly learned to love who i am, and love what i look like. i gained self respect and confidence. i embraced my country lifestyle and im not ashamed anymore. i am proud of who i am and im ready to show the world. i didn't cry a single time in 2011, but that doesn't mean it wasn't tough. i grew up a lot in 2011 and i feel more like an adult. i am ready to face 2012 with full confidence and a clear mind. 2011 was such a good year for me.

my goals for 2012 are to go on more dates and eat healthy. 

hollywood blvd

today i took a trip to hollywood. after the three hour hellish drive, we finally got there. but not before passing disneyland and almost dying (there are tire marks on the road to prove.) the second i got to hollywood, some guy started hitting on me. i've never been so scared for my virginity in all my life. all i have to say is, hollywood is not as glamorous as the media shows. i guess i just thought hollywood would be fancy and nice. boy, was i wrong. it was the most grimiest dump ive ever been to. ive seriously never been in a city more disgusting and gross. homless people were everywhere, and every place we went we were bombarded with creepy people trying to sell us stupid junk. you know the creepy people that have no teeth and hold up those huge signs that say Jesus isn't real? yeah, those ones. and the number of prostitutes there was truly amazing. i saw so many butt cheeks. too much information? anyway, it was just a mess. so many nasty people and cigarettes, bleck. i enjoyed myself eating at the hard rock cafe and looking at all the stars though! those stars go on forever! we didn't even get half of them covered. the hard rock was pretty nice, its the 3rd one ive been to. (others were washington DC and the bahamas.) the original plan was to look for alan jackson's star first. well, once we walked out of the hard rock, to our surprise alan jackson's star was right in front of us. we spent the rest of the afternoon looking at stars and footprints and avoiding creeps. it was good fun. all i have to say is i will never be going back to hollywood and i am so very thankful i live in the small town that i do. just another reminder to me that i will NEVER live in the city.
my man johnny depp

some famous theatre

alan jackson, my lover. 

my other lover, john wayne

walt disney

hookers bum in the background.

kenny rogers, old country. 

 huge jackman

 robert downey jr

harry potter cast

daniel radcliffe

BROOKS & DUNN the best. 


 hard rock cafe

hollywood sign 

for the last hour, me and kolt have been texting each other quotes from the movie step brothers.
wow, we are awesome.


good advice

i read a really important quote today. i think its changed my life a little bit. i'll be kind enough to share it with you.
"if you have a problem with me, text me. if you don't have my number than that means you don't know me well enough to have a problem with me anyway"

wow. my mind is blown. whenever i come close to  judging someone, i think of this quote. i promise, you will stop instantly. 


i have fallen in love with modern family. i spent the whole day watching the first season. freaking hilarious. it will never ever top the office, but i have to admit it was pretty good. i guess i just added a new show to my list of favorites. 

other favorites include:
the office
the walking dead
pawn stars
sister wives
paranormal state
dirty jobs
jersey shore
toddlers & tiaras

i have really great taste in television, as you can tell. 


my life to a T

"She grew up in the city in a little subdivision. Her daddy wore a tie, momma never fried a chicken. Ballet, straight A’s, most likely to succeed. They bought her a car after graduation, sent her down south for some higher education. Put her on the fast track to a law degree. Now she’s comin home to visit holding the hand of a wild-eyed boy with a farmer’s tan. And shes riding in the middle of his pickup truck blaring Charlie Daniels yellin, “Turn it up!” They raised her up a lady but there’s one thing they couldn't avoid, ladies love country boys!"

this song describes my life perfectly. every single sentence of it. i used to be that girl, who cared about everything so much. the one who cared what everyone thought about her. the one that wouldn't touch dirt. now, i don't give a dang what anyone thinks about me. i discovered the country life, and im never going back. i can never explain to you my love for the country life. my whole life has changed, for the better. ive discovered who the real me is. i know who i am, and i know what i stand for. 3 years ago when i was finding out who i really was, i got so much crap for it. there wasn't a single day that i didn't get ridiculed. every single day i had to put up with peoples rude comments. 3 years later, i don't have to deal with that anymore. i pushed through it, and i followed what i wanted to become. i want to tell you guys that you can be whoever you want to be. its not always easy, but don't be scared. sometimes its rough, but you can do it. have the courage to be who you want. yes, i lost a lot of friends, but i also gained some. a lot of people look down on me for being a hick, and sometimes my family doesn't agree. but its my life, and im going to live it. do things that make you happy! you only live once, stop living for other people. i can tell you that your happiness will come when you finally accept who you are. ive never been happier in my life. you know why? because i love myself. not in a conceited way, but i am happy and proud of who i am. 

and p.s. holding the hand of a wild-eyed boy with a farmers tan is the absolute best thing in the world (: i suggest it. 


im sorry, im absolutely obsessed.

i love, love, love, love, love, LOVE disneyland. i could talk about it all day. i was born a disney baby, and ill die a disney fan. ive been to disneyland more times than i could ever keep track of, and ill never stop. i'll be there on the 100th anneversiary, you can count on it. anyway, i came across this AMAZING disney blog and i will share with you my favorite pictures. i swear you guys, im going to cry i love disneyland so much. these arent even a fourth of the pictures i like. i just didn't want to blow up my page with every single one i liked. and to you fellow disney fans out there, tell me which pictures apply to you. 


up on the house top

christmas didn't quite feel like christmas this year. i don't know why, maybe im just getting older. it was still an amazing christmas either way. it was really hard to sit through church knowing that there was unopened presents under the tree. but, it was really good to be able to think about the real meaning of christmas. santa graced me with some amazing gifts. the office season four, and a costa vida gift card being among them. my office collection is now half way complete. and lets not forget that little someone i talked to all through christmas eve and christmas day that made it that much more special. what a charmer (: