17 & the open road

favorite memory

cant choose one, sorry. my life is full of good memories. moving on.
me and angie spent one heck of a friday night together, it was pretty entertaining. we went out on a cute little date together to wingers. and it was delicious, for your information. than we ended up driving around all night and laughing our heads off. i find it strange that the best of times are usually found while driving around in a car listening to music. those are my favorite kind of friday nights. i definitely miss driving around in those big pick-up trucks. driving around in a big loud truck on the weekends with all your friends piled inside, blaring country music was always my favorite. its even better during the summer time when the windows can be rolled down. i sure do miss those good ol' days. i cant tell you how many tanks of gas we have waisted. there has been times when we have waisted an ENTIRE tank of gas in one night. trust me, the money was well spent. (just kidding) and don't worry, it never happened in my jeep. the best three vehicles to be driving around in on a friday night would be:
josh's truck
shawn's truck
jared's truck

but those days are long gone. they are still some of my favorite memories. to this day, nothing brings me more happiness than driving around with no destination. i know the roads of pleasant grove, american fork, highland, alpine, lindon and orem like the back of my hand.
and every corner, store & street i pass has a memory to go along with it from the many times ive driven past them with my friends.
i love driving.
 and for me, the weekends will always be dedicated to driving with no destination.
in my past, that's all i looked forward to every friday night.

 if i could choose one thing that i miss from my past, it would be long drives with my best friends sitting next to me talking about all of life's problems while watching the scenery change through the open window.

and just for your infomation, all these pictures were taken while in a truck/car.


take a gander

wanna hear a song that makes you get butterflies?
it makes my heart pitter-patter
"we were sitting up there on your mamas roof, talking about everything under the moon."
"it was the best dang kiss that ive ever had, except for that long one after that"


my first kiss.

ha oh back to the days of immaturity and hormones.
my first kiss was corbin johnson
some of you probably know him... in fact most of you probably do.
we dated for 10 months.
so our first kiss, really lame. more like the first time he kissed me. because the "first kiss" was when he kissed me on the cheek. it actually happened in the disgusting halls of the junior high. now mind you, it took us 3 months to even hug (i know, stupid junior high kids) so you can imagine it took us even longer to touch lips. but the bell had rung and it was time to go to our next period. i leaned in for a hug and corbin so awkwardly tried to kiss me on the cheek as i pulled away. but he missed, and ended up kissing my hair & my ear. that was just awkward. the next day he tried it again and landed it on my cheek. ten points for him.
and honestly i don't even remember our first kiss on the lips. apparently it wasn't that great to remember.

i thought i was in love.... at the time.
now i look back and laugh.
but it was a good 10 months at the time.


satans spawn and day 15

wow, next time skyward can you please be a little more problematic.
i would just love that.
you make me wanna bash in my computer screen in and drop out of school.
yeah i hate you.

today mr burnah, my french teacher, gave me a pretty nice compliment.
i went up to his desk to pass off something with him.
he said "wow melia you keep getting more and more pretty every day"
i said oh thanks with a half awkward smile.
then he says "you've really grown up"
like hes known me his whole life or something. i have had his class for two years but still, just a little weird. mr burnah made my day.. in the weirdest way possible.

day 15
my dreams
well i have a lot of them

go to paris with my mom
become the director of nurses
be a special education teacher
open a speech clinic for handicapt kids
attend the following nascar races:

drive a truck
marry a cowboy
attend utah state university
and university of utah
travel the whole world
help kids in africa

heck yes, those are my dreams. i don't know if all of them will come true but a good half of them will.



what i wore today.
its a good thing i planned ahead and took a picture. im just so smart sometimes.

sorry for the horrible picture quality.
today i had my nursing class so i am required to wear this.

head band- f21
white tee- old navy
yellow top - total scrubs
grey pants - A-1 medical supply

i know, its a real snazzy outfit. it took me a while to put it together.
today was a great day. 
i TOTALLY aced my first nursing test.

here i am again, totally getting my work done at college.


here i am..

today is the day.
i don't like today.
365 days ago today.
today is bad memories.
today can just go away. 
today my life was flipped, for the worse.
today my entire life course was altered.
today sucked.

12 & 13

whats in my bag and what happened this week

my bag. sometimes i feel like my bag is the one thats in the show barney. remember? that really ugly one they reach into and just about anything you can imagine comes out of it. yeah, that's my purse. its whatever. in my purse you will find...
my wallet and 200 dollars. kidding, probably only 2 dollars.
chap stick- im a chap stick packer
a comb- for when i drive in big pick up trucks with the windows down :)
sunglasses- no need for explanation
pens & pencils - for every occasion
hair ties - for when i need a quick fix
maybe an occasional lip gloss... not often though
advil - cause i get headaches all the time.
and on a school day you will find a few notebooks & papers.
oh, and my walkers rewards card cause i only go there three times a day

my week.
well the week has just begun, its only monday. so far ive been stalked on the freeway by a man in a ford truck. attended my nursing class, and im going to buy scrubs and attend the gym. the rest of my week will consist of school, college, the gym and getting two shots for my medical class. wow, im just so excited for that.


can i get an amen?

a good change

i find that life has suddenly gotten busy for me. i have a billion different things going on at once. i don't know what happened but now i cant seem to catch a second to just relax. my days used to be filled with sitting around watching the office, but now im lucky to even be in bed by midnight. recently i have started my college nursing class. its been really tough, and its only just begun. hours of homework with no end in sight. this class is really going to be a challenge. i bought my scrubs this week. if you ever see me at school wearing scrubs its not because im too lazy to put real clothes on, its because i have to wear scrubs to my nursing class. anyways this nursing class is like a slap of reality. college is not going to be easy, and honestly, high school doesn't prepare you one bit for this. some days i wonder why i even waste my time going to that dump... on top of my hours of homework i also go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week which is amazing. thats just my way to let all my stress and anxiety out. i also have an after school ACT class that ive been going too. so basically ive been at school until about 4 every day. its been rough. on top of that ive just had a bunch of errands to run, appointments to attend, people to see and school work to be done. oh yeah, and deciding my schedule for next year. life has been crazy.

but alas, between all of this madness i have decided what college i am going to.
utah state baby!
i know its a little pre-mature and im still a junior. but its final. im going there and i really cant be any happier with my choice. i have a friend up at utah state and i stayed the weekend in her dorm. it was the best thing of my life. its like the heavens opened and god said "melia this is your school." and so be it, im going to utah state. i've always had a hunch that i was going to go there, but this weekend really set that in stone.
sad thing is, i haven't even been accepted yet let alone written my application. ive still got some time to wait but hey, at least ive got some goals.

life is going by fast and things are changing. im growing up and reality is coming on quick. but i like this. im the type of girl that likes a fast pace. this is much, much better than sitting at home doing nothing.
my life is finally looking up.



your siblings.

i have one sibling. i have one big brother who is nineteen years of age. we never talked when we were younger. in fact i hardly knew who he was at all. but as i began high school we started to get a lot closer. i would consider my big brother one of my greatest friends. my brother left for his mission two weeks ago. i still have 102 more weeks until i see him again. my brother is one of my biggest examples and is also the smartest kid i know. hes a genius basically. he always got a 4.0 in school and graduated high school with a gold rope. if you don't know what that means it basically means their high school GPA was above a 3.9. he is such an over achiever. everything he does has to be done the right way or he wont be happy with himself. he is a very organized, precise kind of person. he loves order, but that makes him even more smart. he passed calculus with one of the highest grades in his class. and he easily got accepted into BYU and attended a semester there. my brother is so smart and he will change the world one day. he taught me everything i know about nintendo, how to beat a boss and win every mario kart race. i remember countless hours sitting in the basement with him playing nintendo. they are some of my best memories. my brother is such a good example to everyone around him and hes going to go far in his life. im so proud of him for serving a mission. he is really a great guy.

i love you palms



what i wore today.

well heck. i guess i should have read this post earlier because now its too late and im already changed and i don't have a picture of what i wore. but i can tell you that i tried on many-a-pair of scrubs today and i spent most my afternoon in them. so i guess that counts. it looked a little like this...
and no, as much as i may wish, i can not wear my boots like this.
made for some good laughs though. me, angie and shannon were scrub shopping probably for about 3 hours.
i'll have to tell you about my medical class soon, but ive been busy. this isn't going to be an easy class i'll tell ya that much.



your beliefs

i believe that a s'more is pure bliss
that a simple smile can make someones whole day
that laughing is the best medicine
i believe that everything is okay in the end, if its not okay, its not the end.
there is nothing better than helping someone else
i believe that Jesus loves me and i love him.
i believe families are important
i believe love is simple
and i believe that music can cure any mood.



a moment.

what a broad subject. there is no way i could choose just one. i mean ive been alive for sixteen and a half years there is no possible way i could choose just a single moment.

the time i floated provo river with angela resulting in almost drowning and breaking her camera
hiking the G in the dark with no flash light
getting chased around in the dark with a chainsaw (not at a haunted house)
meeting the barnett brothers for the first time
strawberry days
the day i got my license
saying goodbye to palmer at the mtc
almost sweating to death in the sonna with angie
almost dying up american fork canyon with shannon
the day i got a working radio in the jeep
going to disneyland and being surprised to find shannon there too
the freaking day i graduated jr high, the arm pit of the world
summer 09
going on the zipper and flipping 5 times in a row.
sleepover at kelsies house

ive had too many moments, and i never want to forget them. ive really had such a good life filled with so many good memories.



i have very few friends. and i keep them close to my heart.

angela larsen and shannon ashleigh harris.
i love them.
the only thing i need is these two girls.
me and shannon have been next door neighbors since we were two.
me and angie are attached at the hip and you will always find us together at school.



alas, my ipod has been brought back from the dead.
over two months ago, every time i plugged in my ipod a message said
"ipod can not be synced. duplicate file name was found"
it was like a death wish. every time i saw that message i just wanted to punch a hole in my computer screen. for the last few months i havent been able to add or remove any songs off my ipod. your probably thinking to yourself, "well just go through your computer and find the duplicate file, duh." well there wasnt one. the problem was much much deeper than a duplicate file. there was a virus on my ipod. yes, a virus on my ipod. i didnt know that could ever happen. well after two months of being really mad about my ipod, after hours and hours of failing, after downloading over 10 programs to fix the problem which never worked, after reading multiple articles on this problem, i finally conquered the beast. my ipod is now up and running and i couldnt be more proud of myself for figuring this stupid thing out.
i feel like a piece of my heart is back.



my day.

well this post is probably going to be as boring as the post about what i ate during the day.
so i pretty much rolled outta bed a half hour after my alarm had gone off.
went to math, took a test and totally bombed it. then i listened to my ipod the rest of the period.
second period we did nothing so i watched a movie on my ipod the entire time.
third period i did nothing, so me and friends talked about scary movies and cowboy boots
then i went to lunch with miss angie and miss kylie
fourth period i took a test, which i aced and then listened to my ipod. and then it died.
tonight im going to go to the gym and study my little heart out for french.

this was a fun post wasnt it?



your definition of love

oh, im a pro when it comes to love. i love just about everything. love to me is something that makes you so unbelievably happy you just cant seem to wipe the smile off your face. it could be a person, a relationship, a song, a food. love is love it doesn't have to be tied down to an individual person. yes ive been in love before but love is more than just a boyfriend. love can be anything that you want it to be. if love to you is sitting on the couch watching the tv, than so be it. everyone has their own definition of love.

love to me is my two best friends angie and shannon
love is when i take the first bite of a s'more
love is being in my peer tutor class
love is hearing my favorite song on the radio
love is my family
love is when a boy gives you butterflies
love is an 80 year old couple sitting in their wheelchairs next to each other
love is my aunts pool in california
love is me laying on the beach feeling that sun soak my skin

love is what i want it to be.

BUT i think moulin rouge tells it best. go watch that movie.
"love lifts us up where we belong, where eagles fly on a mountain high."


life and sorts

i successfully dropped my brother off at the MTC. he has been there officially for one week. wow time flies. so i held my tears back pretty well i must say. not my mom, she was just water works the whole time. but i did fine, until we pulled up to the MTC gate and that was it i just couldn't help myself any longer. i saw the old man waving at us, i saw the missionaries walking to class and i think i was smacked in the face by the feeling of the spirit. no not smacked in the face but it hit me like a ton of bricks. then as we pulled around the corner there was hundreds, and i mean hundreds of missionaries standing on the curb waving at me as i drove along. every single missionary i looked at was smiling and waving and they looked so happy. except for i looked like a total idiot trying to wave and smile back while i was bawling. then we pulled up to the curb, un-loaded Palmer's gear and i gave him a hug. and then he walked off and that was the last i ever saw of him. the end.

next tuesday i start my nursing class at MATC. i will be getting my CNA license and I'm so pumped. i only have to go to school for half the day and then then after 2nd period i leave to go to MATC. i will also be wearing scrubs to school. your lookin at the hottest nurse in school right here.
right before i took him to the MTC. my brother is a stud.


what you ate today...

ooooh crap.
i never ever, ever eat healthy. let me emphasize the never part. my diet consists of sugar, fat and carbs. seriously. i go to the gym once a day, but i still eat horribly. and i mean horribly. here it goes.
breakfast i had toast.
1st & 2nd period i had a pop tart, of the s'mores assortment
lunch i had spaghettios and chocolate
4th period i had a 64oz mountain dew because they were free at harts today.
then i went to the gym to work off about 1/4 of the calories i ate today. and when i got home i ruined all of my work by eating a grilled cheese sandwich and ritz crackers.

i am the healthiest person i know.



my parents

eric and elissa.
the picture of my dad.... well that just describes him in a nutshell.
they met at BYU of course, i mean what couple living in utah valley didnt meet at byu? they both grew up in california, that's probably where i got my beach bum attitude. my daddy served a mission in australlia and my mom... just went to college. (haha your mom goes to college) okay enough of that. my mom is out going, loves to try new things, loves everything educational and is very much a tree hugger. me and my mother are the opposite. my daddy is a stern, blunt very straight forward guy. i got my sarcastic gene from him and i make fun of him a lot but its okay he takes my jokes well. i like my dad we have similar personalities. my momma is very kind and loves service. she would do anything to save an animal. me? not so much. id rather just go shoot them. i talk to my mom a lot and shes my shopping buddy. i like her. they are very nice people and are supportive. we don't always see eye to eye but they are cool none the less. they were married in california (i think) and lived in hawaii for some time. i wish i could live in hawaii like them. anyhow, thats how i got my  hawaiian name. oh yeah i forgot to tell you, my name is hawaiian.
and that's that.



your first love.

heaven forbid i talk about this subject and it will most likely come back to bite me in the butt. i will not deny my feelings no matter the consequence. but we wont elaborate on this subject. moving on.
 his name is josh. we were the very best of friends.
and we were head over heels in love.


i am miss melia elise clegg. i blow out the candles on june 4th. i am sixteen years young and sometimes feel that i have the personality of a 21 year old. im a brown hair blue eyed beaut. i have a heavy accent of sarcasm and dont take life seriously. unless i need to. im addicted to mountain dew, and if i had to choose a favorite food it would be s'mores. i enjoy nascar. i own two pairs of cowboy boots. i love the sound of my boots clicking on the floor as i walk. i have one big brother who is currently serving the lord on a two year mission in bolivia. i have a mom and a dad that met at BYU where i will NOT be attending college. i will be going to utah state and then switching to the U to get my nursing degree. i love children with disabilities with my whole entire heart, and i love nothing more than to serve them. i have one vicious kitty, who enjoys clawing everything in her path. i enjoy drives with the windows down and the lovely store cabelas. i have been to the bahamas, washington dc and tombstone arizona. i have been on a real life ghost tour and it changed my life. i enjoy the outdoors. i love loud pick up trucks and im going to drive one some day. i have an unconditional love for cowboys. i want nothing more than to marry a cowboy and live happily ever after. you could call me a hick. my favorite color is pink. my favorite music is country. i wear boots, have deer antlers on my shirts and wear baseball caps. i love more than anything being at a rodeo wearing my boots. i have 2 best friends named angela and shannon. they are the best ever. i love the beach. my pet peeve is when people talk during movies. the scariest movie ive ever seen is paranormal activity two. gary allan is my favorite singer.

HECK YES! im going to jump on this band wagon (c'mon everyones doing it)

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Day 30 – One last moment


best place in the world.

so there is this place, called cessys. it is home to the best mexican food on this planet. betos, del taco, taco bell, or los hermanos do not even compare to this place. were talking about the greasy, cheap, home made REAL mexican food. ive been here alot. you probably dont know where ceccys is or ever heard of it because its located in Oceanside, california. not to toot my own horn or anything, but i do go to california alot so i go to ceccys quite often. i just went there over christmas break. i have been coming to ceccys ever since i can remember. its a family tradition for me. the best part about ceccys? well there is a few, but the main reason is that it is conveniently located right across the street from the beach. i mean i can see the ocean waves from the inside. the other greatest thing about ceccys is you can go in there in a speedo and they will take your order. the floor in ceccys is covered in sand. sand is absolutely everywhere, on the floor, on the seats, on the tables... everywhere. because its a hot hang out spot for surfers and beach go-ers. i go to ceccys every time after the beach, without fail. it is so wonderful to sit in my bathing suit and have no shoes on and be covered in sand and eat my delicious quesadilla. also like i said, you don't have to have shoes on to go in. you can walk around ceccys barefoot with sand in your toes and track it all through the restaurant. ceccys has the BEST quesadillas ive ever tasted. they are about the size of my torso and they are filled with delicious oozy gooey cheese. its pure bliss to have spent a day in the sun & ocean and then go eat a nice quesadilla while im covered in sand. ahhh there is truly nothing better. i would very much like to be there right now. if i could picture myself there right now it would be like this,
-no shoes, in my wet bathing suit, newly sun tanned face, wet hair mixed with sand, sand between my toes, sand under my fingernails, sand on my legs, feet & arms. eating the best quesadilla on the planet having grease run down my chin and drinking an ice cold lemonade while i look at the beach that i was just swimming at-
now that's what i like to call heaven.

no shirt, no shoes, no problem.
ceccys, try it sometime.
its a clegg family tradition.


forget yourself and go to work

well, my heart is full and my heart is sad at the same time.
the day has come, and tomorrow at 12:45 p.m.
i will be dropping my brother palmer off at the the mtc's doors.
my brother is going to serve the wonderful people of bolivia and serve the lord.
he is doing the right thing & i am so proud of him.
i never thought this day would come, but now its at my doorstep
he is going to have the best two years of his life and im so excited for him.
i couldnt have asked for a better sibling than palmer. he is my one and only
sibling and he will always me my big brother. i look up to him in so many
ways and i am so proud of his choice. im proud to call him my brother.
its going to be a long two years, but its the right thing.
i look forward to seeing my brother again in a short time.
only 104 more weeks until ill see him again.

i love you elder clegg, your going to be the best missionary.
ill see you january 4th, 2013.


oh my goodness gracious

"they should make air fresheners that smell like diesel"
i totally agree. i would be all over that. if i had to choose my favorite smell, it would most definitely be diesel. sometimes i would stand behind my friends exhaust pipe while they power breaked it and dumped black smoke out the back. i would stand in the huge smoke cloud and just smell. there is nothing better. now im sure you don't know what any of those terms mean but ill explain.

-power break means to hold down the break and the gas pedal at the same time thus creating exhaust, or what the hicks call black smoke. that is what comes out the exhaust pipe.
- when i say dumping black smoke, i mean watching the smoke pour out of the exhaust pipe, or the stack(s).
- a stack, i will show you a picture of a stack. semi trucks have stacks.

back to the point. diesel smells so wonderful. one day, im going to drive a huge diesel truck. a dodge truck to be exact. and to be even more exact, its going to be a 2009 charcoal color 2500 dodge cummins. with a six inch lift and 36 inch tires. okay now that i got that out of my system i will show you some pictures of diesel trucks and stacks. i absolutely love big diesel trucks, they are my favorite. every time i hear one coming my head will turn to the direction i hear it, guaranteed. just watch me, i always do it. i can also tell if its a Ford, Dodge or Chevy coming just by the way it sounds. i promise, test me sometime.

now i know your all freaking out now saying, oh my heck thats so bad for the environment. sorry i dont feel too bad for you on that one. i happen to love this. now mind you these pictures above me; all of those trucks have been modified to smoke more than normal trucks. a normal diesel truck you buy from the lot will NOT smoke that much unless you mess with some stuff under the hood. now if you wanna see what a stack is, just look at the last picture and notice the two silver pipes that the smoke is coming out of. those are called stacks. as i said, semi trucks have them.

and now the mother load of all diesels. and yes, this picture is also the background on my phone.
and yes, that happens to be the exact truck i want when i can afford one.


2010 in review

2010 was my hardest year yet. im glad its over with.

celebrated the most awesome new years
suffered the worst heart break possibly imaginable
prepared myself for the hard months to come

watched the daytona 500 by myself, lasted 9 hours.

tried to cope with my problems
didn't do much this month either

celebrated easter in california
met my favorite stalker
read here
finished up my sophomore year
and applied for a few jobs

celebrated my 16th birthday
got my license
went to arizona
went on a ghost tour
experienced some creepy things with real ghosts
went to girls camp
went to california
went to disneyland
started working out regularly
strawberry days rodeo

celebrated the 4th and almost got killed by fireworks
attended an owlz baseball game
went to washington dc
walked through the white house
and our nations capitol
started this blog

prepared for a new school year and a fresh start
became a peer tutor and changed my life.
successfully watched every episode of the office season 1-6
got my first pair of cowboy boots
attended my first demolition derby

attended the best concert of my life, gary allan
took many trips up to suncrest
spent many hours talking with angela

dressed up as smee from peter pan
went to nightmare on 13th
ate out at jcws
brother got mission call

saw harry potter 7
watched every harry potter in one day
celebrated thanksgiving
black friday
rode a bullet bike

christmas in california
palmers mission farewell
temple square
got 2nd pair of cowboy boots

i also made lots of new friends, learned more about myself than i ever thought i would, met some hot cowboys, went to cabelas alot, and ate lots of red mango.