my parents

eric and elissa.
the picture of my dad.... well that just describes him in a nutshell.
they met at BYU of course, i mean what couple living in utah valley didnt meet at byu? they both grew up in california, that's probably where i got my beach bum attitude. my daddy served a mission in australlia and my mom... just went to college. (haha your mom goes to college) okay enough of that. my mom is out going, loves to try new things, loves everything educational and is very much a tree hugger. me and my mother are the opposite. my daddy is a stern, blunt very straight forward guy. i got my sarcastic gene from him and i make fun of him a lot but its okay he takes my jokes well. i like my dad we have similar personalities. my momma is very kind and loves service. she would do anything to save an animal. me? not so much. id rather just go shoot them. i talk to my mom a lot and shes my shopping buddy. i like her. they are very nice people and are supportive. we don't always see eye to eye but they are cool none the less. they were married in california (i think) and lived in hawaii for some time. i wish i could live in hawaii like them. anyhow, thats how i got my  hawaiian name. oh yeah i forgot to tell you, my name is hawaiian.
and that's that.

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