your definition of love

oh, im a pro when it comes to love. i love just about everything. love to me is something that makes you so unbelievably happy you just cant seem to wipe the smile off your face. it could be a person, a relationship, a song, a food. love is love it doesn't have to be tied down to an individual person. yes ive been in love before but love is more than just a boyfriend. love can be anything that you want it to be. if love to you is sitting on the couch watching the tv, than so be it. everyone has their own definition of love.

love to me is my two best friends angie and shannon
love is when i take the first bite of a s'more
love is being in my peer tutor class
love is hearing my favorite song on the radio
love is my family
love is when a boy gives you butterflies
love is an 80 year old couple sitting in their wheelchairs next to each other
love is my aunts pool in california
love is me laying on the beach feeling that sun soak my skin

love is what i want it to be.

BUT i think moulin rouge tells it best. go watch that movie.
"love lifts us up where we belong, where eagles fly on a mountain high."

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