a moment.

what a broad subject. there is no way i could choose just one. i mean ive been alive for sixteen and a half years there is no possible way i could choose just a single moment.

the time i floated provo river with angela resulting in almost drowning and breaking her camera
hiking the G in the dark with no flash light
getting chased around in the dark with a chainsaw (not at a haunted house)
meeting the barnett brothers for the first time
strawberry days
the day i got my license
saying goodbye to palmer at the mtc
almost sweating to death in the sonna with angie
almost dying up american fork canyon with shannon
the day i got a working radio in the jeep
going to disneyland and being surprised to find shannon there too
the freaking day i graduated jr high, the arm pit of the world
summer 09
going on the zipper and flipping 5 times in a row.
sleepover at kelsies house

ive had too many moments, and i never want to forget them. ive really had such a good life filled with so many good memories.

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