your siblings.

i have one sibling. i have one big brother who is nineteen years of age. we never talked when we were younger. in fact i hardly knew who he was at all. but as i began high school we started to get a lot closer. i would consider my big brother one of my greatest friends. my brother left for his mission two weeks ago. i still have 102 more weeks until i see him again. my brother is one of my biggest examples and is also the smartest kid i know. hes a genius basically. he always got a 4.0 in school and graduated high school with a gold rope. if you don't know what that means it basically means their high school GPA was above a 3.9. he is such an over achiever. everything he does has to be done the right way or he wont be happy with himself. he is a very organized, precise kind of person. he loves order, but that makes him even more smart. he passed calculus with one of the highest grades in his class. and he easily got accepted into BYU and attended a semester there. my brother is so smart and he will change the world one day. he taught me everything i know about nintendo, how to beat a boss and win every mario kart race. i remember countless hours sitting in the basement with him playing nintendo. they are some of my best memories. my brother is such a good example to everyone around him and hes going to go far in his life. im so proud of him for serving a mission. he is really a great guy.

i love you palms

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