12 & 13

whats in my bag and what happened this week

my bag. sometimes i feel like my bag is the one thats in the show barney. remember? that really ugly one they reach into and just about anything you can imagine comes out of it. yeah, that's my purse. its whatever. in my purse you will find...
my wallet and 200 dollars. kidding, probably only 2 dollars.
chap stick- im a chap stick packer
a comb- for when i drive in big pick up trucks with the windows down :)
sunglasses- no need for explanation
pens & pencils - for every occasion
hair ties - for when i need a quick fix
maybe an occasional lip gloss... not often though
advil - cause i get headaches all the time.
and on a school day you will find a few notebooks & papers.
oh, and my walkers rewards card cause i only go there three times a day

my week.
well the week has just begun, its only monday. so far ive been stalked on the freeway by a man in a ford truck. attended my nursing class, and im going to buy scrubs and attend the gym. the rest of my week will consist of school, college, the gym and getting two shots for my medical class. wow, im just so excited for that.

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