my first kiss.

ha oh back to the days of immaturity and hormones.
my first kiss was corbin johnson
some of you probably know him... in fact most of you probably do.
we dated for 10 months.
so our first kiss, really lame. more like the first time he kissed me. because the "first kiss" was when he kissed me on the cheek. it actually happened in the disgusting halls of the junior high. now mind you, it took us 3 months to even hug (i know, stupid junior high kids) so you can imagine it took us even longer to touch lips. but the bell had rung and it was time to go to our next period. i leaned in for a hug and corbin so awkwardly tried to kiss me on the cheek as i pulled away. but he missed, and ended up kissing my hair & my ear. that was just awkward. the next day he tried it again and landed it on my cheek. ten points for him.
and honestly i don't even remember our first kiss on the lips. apparently it wasn't that great to remember.

i thought i was in love.... at the time.
now i look back and laugh.
but it was a good 10 months at the time.


Kelsey said...

love this.
also, i grew up with this kid.
just a side note.

mardiiiii said...

this is precious.