17 & the open road

favorite memory

cant choose one, sorry. my life is full of good memories. moving on.
me and angie spent one heck of a friday night together, it was pretty entertaining. we went out on a cute little date together to wingers. and it was delicious, for your information. than we ended up driving around all night and laughing our heads off. i find it strange that the best of times are usually found while driving around in a car listening to music. those are my favorite kind of friday nights. i definitely miss driving around in those big pick-up trucks. driving around in a big loud truck on the weekends with all your friends piled inside, blaring country music was always my favorite. its even better during the summer time when the windows can be rolled down. i sure do miss those good ol' days. i cant tell you how many tanks of gas we have waisted. there has been times when we have waisted an ENTIRE tank of gas in one night. trust me, the money was well spent. (just kidding) and don't worry, it never happened in my jeep. the best three vehicles to be driving around in on a friday night would be:
josh's truck
shawn's truck
jared's truck

but those days are long gone. they are still some of my favorite memories. to this day, nothing brings me more happiness than driving around with no destination. i know the roads of pleasant grove, american fork, highland, alpine, lindon and orem like the back of my hand.
and every corner, store & street i pass has a memory to go along with it from the many times ive driven past them with my friends.
i love driving.
 and for me, the weekends will always be dedicated to driving with no destination.
in my past, that's all i looked forward to every friday night.

 if i could choose one thing that i miss from my past, it would be long drives with my best friends sitting next to me talking about all of life's problems while watching the scenery change through the open window.

and just for your infomation, all these pictures were taken while in a truck/car.

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