best place in the world.

so there is this place, called cessys. it is home to the best mexican food on this planet. betos, del taco, taco bell, or los hermanos do not even compare to this place. were talking about the greasy, cheap, home made REAL mexican food. ive been here alot. you probably dont know where ceccys is or ever heard of it because its located in Oceanside, california. not to toot my own horn or anything, but i do go to california alot so i go to ceccys quite often. i just went there over christmas break. i have been coming to ceccys ever since i can remember. its a family tradition for me. the best part about ceccys? well there is a few, but the main reason is that it is conveniently located right across the street from the beach. i mean i can see the ocean waves from the inside. the other greatest thing about ceccys is you can go in there in a speedo and they will take your order. the floor in ceccys is covered in sand. sand is absolutely everywhere, on the floor, on the seats, on the tables... everywhere. because its a hot hang out spot for surfers and beach go-ers. i go to ceccys every time after the beach, without fail. it is so wonderful to sit in my bathing suit and have no shoes on and be covered in sand and eat my delicious quesadilla. also like i said, you don't have to have shoes on to go in. you can walk around ceccys barefoot with sand in your toes and track it all through the restaurant. ceccys has the BEST quesadillas ive ever tasted. they are about the size of my torso and they are filled with delicious oozy gooey cheese. its pure bliss to have spent a day in the sun & ocean and then go eat a nice quesadilla while im covered in sand. ahhh there is truly nothing better. i would very much like to be there right now. if i could picture myself there right now it would be like this,
-no shoes, in my wet bathing suit, newly sun tanned face, wet hair mixed with sand, sand between my toes, sand under my fingernails, sand on my legs, feet & arms. eating the best quesadilla on the planet having grease run down my chin and drinking an ice cold lemonade while i look at the beach that i was just swimming at-
now that's what i like to call heaven.

no shirt, no shoes, no problem.
ceccys, try it sometime.
its a clegg family tradition.

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