forget yourself and go to work

well, my heart is full and my heart is sad at the same time.
the day has come, and tomorrow at 12:45 p.m.
i will be dropping my brother palmer off at the the mtc's doors.
my brother is going to serve the wonderful people of bolivia and serve the lord.
he is doing the right thing & i am so proud of him.
i never thought this day would come, but now its at my doorstep
he is going to have the best two years of his life and im so excited for him.
i couldnt have asked for a better sibling than palmer. he is my one and only
sibling and he will always me my big brother. i look up to him in so many
ways and i am so proud of his choice. im proud to call him my brother.
its going to be a long two years, but its the right thing.
i look forward to seeing my brother again in a short time.
only 104 more weeks until ill see him again.

i love you elder clegg, your going to be the best missionary.
ill see you january 4th, 2013.

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caihay said...

I'm sorry!
I totally know how it is, I'm now the only one home with my big brother on his mission.
It's awful.
let's get heartbreak shakes over our lack of big brothers.