a good change

i find that life has suddenly gotten busy for me. i have a billion different things going on at once. i don't know what happened but now i cant seem to catch a second to just relax. my days used to be filled with sitting around watching the office, but now im lucky to even be in bed by midnight. recently i have started my college nursing class. its been really tough, and its only just begun. hours of homework with no end in sight. this class is really going to be a challenge. i bought my scrubs this week. if you ever see me at school wearing scrubs its not because im too lazy to put real clothes on, its because i have to wear scrubs to my nursing class. anyways this nursing class is like a slap of reality. college is not going to be easy, and honestly, high school doesn't prepare you one bit for this. some days i wonder why i even waste my time going to that dump... on top of my hours of homework i also go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week which is amazing. thats just my way to let all my stress and anxiety out. i also have an after school ACT class that ive been going too. so basically ive been at school until about 4 every day. its been rough. on top of that ive just had a bunch of errands to run, appointments to attend, people to see and school work to be done. oh yeah, and deciding my schedule for next year. life has been crazy.

but alas, between all of this madness i have decided what college i am going to.
utah state baby!
i know its a little pre-mature and im still a junior. but its final. im going there and i really cant be any happier with my choice. i have a friend up at utah state and i stayed the weekend in her dorm. it was the best thing of my life. its like the heavens opened and god said "melia this is your school." and so be it, im going to utah state. i've always had a hunch that i was going to go there, but this weekend really set that in stone.
sad thing is, i haven't even been accepted yet let alone written my application. ive still got some time to wait but hey, at least ive got some goals.

life is going by fast and things are changing. im growing up and reality is coming on quick. but i like this. im the type of girl that likes a fast pace. this is much, much better than sitting at home doing nothing.
my life is finally looking up.

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