alas, my ipod has been brought back from the dead.
over two months ago, every time i plugged in my ipod a message said
"ipod can not be synced. duplicate file name was found"
it was like a death wish. every time i saw that message i just wanted to punch a hole in my computer screen. for the last few months i havent been able to add or remove any songs off my ipod. your probably thinking to yourself, "well just go through your computer and find the duplicate file, duh." well there wasnt one. the problem was much much deeper than a duplicate file. there was a virus on my ipod. yes, a virus on my ipod. i didnt know that could ever happen. well after two months of being really mad about my ipod, after hours and hours of failing, after downloading over 10 programs to fix the problem which never worked, after reading multiple articles on this problem, i finally conquered the beast. my ipod is now up and running and i couldnt be more proud of myself for figuring this stupid thing out.
i feel like a piece of my heart is back.

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