i am miss melia elise clegg. i blow out the candles on june 4th. i am sixteen years young and sometimes feel that i have the personality of a 21 year old. im a brown hair blue eyed beaut. i have a heavy accent of sarcasm and dont take life seriously. unless i need to. im addicted to mountain dew, and if i had to choose a favorite food it would be s'mores. i enjoy nascar. i own two pairs of cowboy boots. i love the sound of my boots clicking on the floor as i walk. i have one big brother who is currently serving the lord on a two year mission in bolivia. i have a mom and a dad that met at BYU where i will NOT be attending college. i will be going to utah state and then switching to the U to get my nursing degree. i love children with disabilities with my whole entire heart, and i love nothing more than to serve them. i have one vicious kitty, who enjoys clawing everything in her path. i enjoy drives with the windows down and the lovely store cabelas. i have been to the bahamas, washington dc and tombstone arizona. i have been on a real life ghost tour and it changed my life. i enjoy the outdoors. i love loud pick up trucks and im going to drive one some day. i have an unconditional love for cowboys. i want nothing more than to marry a cowboy and live happily ever after. you could call me a hick. my favorite color is pink. my favorite music is country. i wear boots, have deer antlers on my shirts and wear baseball caps. i love more than anything being at a rodeo wearing my boots. i have 2 best friends named angela and shannon. they are the best ever. i love the beach. my pet peeve is when people talk during movies. the scariest movie ive ever seen is paranormal activity two. gary allan is my favorite singer.

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mardiiiii said...

oh dear. i love you melia.