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i successfully dropped my brother off at the MTC. he has been there officially for one week. wow time flies. so i held my tears back pretty well i must say. not my mom, she was just water works the whole time. but i did fine, until we pulled up to the MTC gate and that was it i just couldn't help myself any longer. i saw the old man waving at us, i saw the missionaries walking to class and i think i was smacked in the face by the feeling of the spirit. no not smacked in the face but it hit me like a ton of bricks. then as we pulled around the corner there was hundreds, and i mean hundreds of missionaries standing on the curb waving at me as i drove along. every single missionary i looked at was smiling and waving and they looked so happy. except for i looked like a total idiot trying to wave and smile back while i was bawling. then we pulled up to the curb, un-loaded Palmer's gear and i gave him a hug. and then he walked off and that was the last i ever saw of him. the end.

next tuesday i start my nursing class at MATC. i will be getting my CNA license and I'm so pumped. i only have to go to school for half the day and then then after 2nd period i leave to go to MATC. i will also be wearing scrubs to school. your lookin at the hottest nurse in school right here.
right before i took him to the MTC. my brother is a stud.

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mardiiiii said...

your bro is pretty hot.
woah, did i just say that?

and i can't wait to see these hot scrubs.
it'll be nice.