oh my goodness gracious

"they should make air fresheners that smell like diesel"
i totally agree. i would be all over that. if i had to choose my favorite smell, it would most definitely be diesel. sometimes i would stand behind my friends exhaust pipe while they power breaked it and dumped black smoke out the back. i would stand in the huge smoke cloud and just smell. there is nothing better. now im sure you don't know what any of those terms mean but ill explain.

-power break means to hold down the break and the gas pedal at the same time thus creating exhaust, or what the hicks call black smoke. that is what comes out the exhaust pipe.
- when i say dumping black smoke, i mean watching the smoke pour out of the exhaust pipe, or the stack(s).
- a stack, i will show you a picture of a stack. semi trucks have stacks.

back to the point. diesel smells so wonderful. one day, im going to drive a huge diesel truck. a dodge truck to be exact. and to be even more exact, its going to be a 2009 charcoal color 2500 dodge cummins. with a six inch lift and 36 inch tires. okay now that i got that out of my system i will show you some pictures of diesel trucks and stacks. i absolutely love big diesel trucks, they are my favorite. every time i hear one coming my head will turn to the direction i hear it, guaranteed. just watch me, i always do it. i can also tell if its a Ford, Dodge or Chevy coming just by the way it sounds. i promise, test me sometime.

now i know your all freaking out now saying, oh my heck thats so bad for the environment. sorry i dont feel too bad for you on that one. i happen to love this. now mind you these pictures above me; all of those trucks have been modified to smoke more than normal trucks. a normal diesel truck you buy from the lot will NOT smoke that much unless you mess with some stuff under the hood. now if you wanna see what a stack is, just look at the last picture and notice the two silver pipes that the smoke is coming out of. those are called stacks. as i said, semi trucks have them.

and now the mother load of all diesels. and yes, this picture is also the background on my phone.
and yes, that happens to be the exact truck i want when i can afford one.

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