satans spawn and day 15

wow, next time skyward can you please be a little more problematic.
i would just love that.
you make me wanna bash in my computer screen in and drop out of school.
yeah i hate you.

today mr burnah, my french teacher, gave me a pretty nice compliment.
i went up to his desk to pass off something with him.
he said "wow melia you keep getting more and more pretty every day"
i said oh thanks with a half awkward smile.
then he says "you've really grown up"
like hes known me his whole life or something. i have had his class for two years but still, just a little weird. mr burnah made my day.. in the weirdest way possible.

day 15
my dreams
well i have a lot of them

go to paris with my mom
become the director of nurses
be a special education teacher
open a speech clinic for handicapt kids
attend the following nascar races:

drive a truck
marry a cowboy
attend utah state university
and university of utah
travel the whole world
help kids in africa

heck yes, those are my dreams. i don't know if all of them will come true but a good half of them will.

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mardiiiii said...

worst day. CAST OUT SKYWARD!
devil machinery.