its only appropriate.

well, i know you are all jealous.
that big hunk actually put his arms around me.
i think I'm going to go to my room now and listen to his music until i start to cry
and then maybe ill pass out due to the immense joy justin beiber brings me.
then ill go join every justin beiber fan club & make every facebook status about how much i love him and how im going to marry him one day. then i think ill kiss this picture 100 times and go tell that to facebook too. and then ill buy tickets to the next 10 concerts he has. then ill post his lyrics on facebook. and then i will proceed to tell everyone that i have bieber fever (on facebook) and then i will dedicate a whole album to him. because honestly, i just love JB so much. i know hes going to choose me to marry him out of those 22,000,000 other girls. he is the love of my life.

justin bieber is the stupidest, most over-rated singer on this planet. if you can even call him a singer.
Ive had enough of this bieber fever. its swept the nation and every girl is sick.
except for me, cause i got the beiber fever vaccine and therefore, have never been infected.
really, hes not even cute. NOT EVEN!
gosh i just want to throw up.


a boy named sue

today is johnny cash's birthday.
i dont care if you like country music or not. johnny cash was one of the greatest artists of all times.
his songs are the greatest ever and he really was that mysterious "man in black"
maybe you should listen to a song or two that johnny cash sung and see how amazing he really was.
if youve never listened to one of his songs, im sorry.

just take a gander, please.

this is my personal favorite johnny cash song.



basically, i don't know whats going on but i have had FORTY unknown calls in the last 3 days. just this morning i woke up with four missed calls, all unknown. they called me last night too. i usually don't answer but last night i was with some friends and they answered for me. the creepy person on the other end just breathed into the phone and didn't say a word. sometimes it gets a little creepy. trust me, i never answer. unknown calls are ridiculous. unless i know its one of my friends calling, because then i answer and we talk in funny voices over the phone. when my phone rings i always get excited that its someone to talk to, but no. just a stupid unknown caller. and I'm pretty sure its the same person that's been calling me 40 times. we will see how many calls i get this week...

oh yeah, Chris Clegg. hes a pretty cool kid. were not related, but we call each other cousins. because we can.


the smouldering look

so i know im way behind and everything.... but i just saw tangled tonight for the first time. and i must say, it lived up to my expectations. what a cute movie. well actually flynn rider was the cutest part about the movie. man, i wish he was real. if you havent seen this movie, i highly suggest that you do.
i would so date him.
happy weekend.
this weekend i am going to eat lots of food, watch lots of tv, and maybe hit the gym to work off all those calories. life is good, real good.


run for your life

i swear the strangest things happen to me. today i almost got mauled by a bird. yes, a bird. not only was i almost mauled, this bird also chased me to my car and almost bit my ears off. i can say it was one of the most horrifying experiences Ive ever had. and then this bird had the audacity to sit on my car like it was his! how dare that bird. so here's the story. me, Shannon and Angie were walking to my jeep after 2nd period to leave for our nursing class. but that's not relevant to the story. anyway, we were walking and i noticed this UGLY bird just sitting on the fence, which i didn't pay any attention to because it was just a bird. well Shannon didn't notice it i guess, because when she passed the bird, she caught it out of the corner of her eye and it scared her really bad. Shannon just jumped a little bit and ran past the bird. There we are, walking again minding our own business when this freaking bird flies right past mine and Shannon's face. i mean it was scary. you know that feeling you get when a bug is in your face/hair and you start flailing your arms like your dying? well that's what me and Shannon did. but pretend that bug is a HUGE bird. it was terrifying. we started running for our lives trying to get away from this bird. (screaming the whole time.) well what do ya know? apparently this bird knew where we were headed because when we got to my jeep, he was perched on top of my jeep like it was his business. he gave us an evil glare. me and Shannon screamed some more. how was i supposed to get in my car with that ravenous beast on top? we stood there for a minute and gave that bird a stare down. oh, it was on. eventually me and Shannon reined up the courage to get close to the car. i hurried and jumped in the car making sure the bird didn't get inside. and then i locked the doors. like a bird could open a car anyways. once we got in the car with the doors locked the bird did this....
oh bird, this war is not over.

and i now officially have the creeps.
that is one mean, ugly looking bird.



don't worry, he only makes my heart beat a little bit faster.
what a freaking BABE!
garret hedlund... oh my lanta



my favorite place.

hands down, Disneyland.
i know, so cliche right? but don't worry. I've been to Disneyland more times than i can count on my fingers and toes. actually, to sum it up, I've probably been to Disneyland over fifty times. ive had season passes to Disneyland for 3 years. Walt Disney created the most magical place in the universe. and its true, it really is the happiest place on earth. i have so many good family memories at Disneyland and i honestly just love it so much. i get excited just talking about it. i know every secret, tunnel, path, and hidden mickey in Disneyland. not to mention California adventure. i love that place too. Disneyland is my all time absolute favorite place on this planet and nothing will ever change that. im going to take my kids there as much as i possibly can. and don't even worry, because i'll be alive for the 100th anniversary. im already excited for that. i cant even begin to name all the Disneyland memorabilia i have. i have the soundtracks to all of the rides at Disneyland and all the music from main street. im going to Disneyland again this summer and im staying in the Disneyland hotel... man i already have a smile on my face. Disneyland is my true home.

wow, im just so happy right now.
except for this year i will be missing one thing.
my brother.



my fears.

the witch from snow white
being single the rest of my life
never getting a job
getting in a car accident
oh yeah... and murderers, rapists, kidnappers, pedophiles, and stalkers :)

i love my life

a lot.
i like going off-roading with my best friends.
i like getting courtesy cones from arctic circle
i like acing my nursing tests
i like the gym. a lot.
i like the feeling of having all my homework done.
i like the feeling knowing that this weekend is going to be another good one.
i like the fact that the daytona 500 is on sunday.
i like the fact that i've moved on from certain people.
i like my life a lot right now.


minty fresh goodness

today in CNA, we brushed each others teeth. we learned all about oral care and how to clean dentures, peoples teeth and what not. i understand this isn't dental hygienist but in a care home i would have to brush the old peoples teeth for them. so basically, this is what we did all class. first we brushed our mouths with something called "lemon glycerin swabs" THEY WERE NASTY! they were these huge sized q-tips that you stuck in your mouth to get your spit flowing, pretty much. they were so sour and it was so hilarious watching everyone drool all over themselves. Angie got it on her pants. but like the champ i am, i didn't spill on myself. after the lemon swabs, Angie scrub-a-dub-dubbed my teeth and i had to spit into a cup (pretending like i wasn't capable of getting out of bed) and then Angie poured water into my mouth and that was a mess. then we had this nasty mouth was that tasted like cinnamon. but all in all, it was great to have Angie do all my dirty work for me and my teeth were nice n clean the rest of the day. except for i actually had to clean Angie's teeth for her too. so its basically a win-loose situation. except, we all got to choose a chapstick (that we got to keep!) because after you brush someones teeth, you always apply chapstick. so actually that makes today a win-win situation. oh, i also got to keep the tooth brush. even better!  
I'm telling you, those swabs are freaking nasty. i was gagging the whole time.


just for your information

You say drake I say Brad Paisley
You say T-Pain I say Jason Aldean
You say Kanye I say Toby Kieth
You say Pink I say Kenny Chesney
You say Pop I scream COUNTRY
You say Justin Bieber I rip your head off
  this, is true.

 i will quote ewin mcgregor that plays the role of christian in the movie moulin rouge,
"the greatest thing you will ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."
happy v-day folks.



what makes me cry.

well, everything makes me cry. im just a big sappy girl.
just kidding i honestly don't cry that much and im pretty skilled at holding back my tears. im pretty good at hiding my feelings too. i honestly don't think you can look at my face and tell how im feeling. im known to keep a very straight face. and a lot of people tell me that im always glaring. but i promise you, im not glaring. i just have a straight face and it makes me look mean. im probably glaring at this computer screen as i type. but things that make me cry are well.. ya know, just the sad things or the super happy things or the hilarious things or the painful things that make you cry. just an FYI, i do not cry when it comes to physical pain. but emotional pain... well, that's a whole different story.

this week i saw a little old lady in walmart pushing a cart that was full to the top with food and looked especially heavy, she also had an oxygen tank and she was walking so slow. i wanted to help so bad but i didn't know what to do. i ended up leaving the isle because i couldn't watch her anymore. that would be an example of sad things that make me cry. old people in particular make me sad.

usually when i cry, its tears of laughter. nothing makes me happier than laughing. i usually cry tears of joy more often than anything else. i cant say that im one to cry a lot. i usually keep it together pretty good. but when it comes to laughing i just cant help those tears from flowing. and to me, those are the best kind of tears.

cheap idea for some fun

so tonight i had a little bit of old fashioned fun.
the kind that is free?
well i did something called the black cat
basically, you get a piece of card board and cut out the shape of a cat- make it life sized. then spray paint it black and tape pieces of tin foil on it for the eyes. than take some sort of object to make it stand up straight. preferably a metal hanger.. those work well. then go plant the cat right in the middle of the road while you hide behind a bush and watch the cars drive by.
the first car we did this to stopped in the middle of the road and honked.
the second car swerved
the third car got out of their car and stole our hanger

so then we walked back home and got another hanger

we replaced the hanger and re-located to a new street.
the first car swerved
the second car got out and STOLE our cat... the nerve...
we jumped out of the bushes and yelled "THAT'S OUR CAT"

and that's the end of that story.
it sounds pretty boring, but i was almost peeing my pants from laughing so hard.



something that makes me feel better.

one word.

chicken fingers

costa vida burritos

mashed potatoes


mountain dew voltage


simply lemonade

anyone else hungry?

and p.s. simply lemonade is the best lemonade you will ever have.


something that upsets me.

there is one thing that really ticks me off.
if you say anything along the lines of:
"look at that retard"

we probably wont be friends.
especially if your talking about the handicapt kids at our school.


15 seconds that changed my day

I've lied to all of you.
i know that in this post i told you how much i absolutely hated the month of February. and in reality, i really do hate this month. but while watching the super bowl, a commercial came on that made me realize that i do not really hate this month all that much. the daytona 500 is this month. if you don't know what the daytona 500 is, im sorry. many of you know that im an avid nascar fan. and if you don't, take a look at my blog header. anyways i was watching the super bowl and the first nascar commercial came on for the 2011 season. i literally screamed, ask my mom she was sitting right by me. a shot of adrenaline shot through my body and i can NO LONGER wait for the nascar 2011 season. during the off season, i kind of had forgotten that the first race of the season is in February. it took that commerical to remind me that February is a great month for only one reason. nascar begins.

February 20th, 2011. be there.



a moment.

well since i cant really think of a great one i'll just tell you about what i did this weekend because it was pretty fun. my stake was scheduled for youth conference but i guess it never worked out so we just made it "ward youth conference" if that's what its even called. anyways just the youth in my ward and the leaders went up to aspen grove up provo canyon and stayed in some cabins. there was probably seventy five of us total but it ended up being super fun. while we were up there, there was 5 other different wards all from different stakes around utah county, some were from salt lake and whatever but that doesn't matter. anyways we decided it would be fun to have a combined dance while we were up there. so friday night we cleared out the cafeteria and got a DJ set up in there. it was pretty legit. i wasn't really thinking that highly of a stake dance but it turned out to be really fun. anway back to my moment. there was 200 or more people in there dancing. all between the ages of 14-18 and i was just getting really bored of the music. i went up to the dj and requested the song "boot scoot boogie" by brooks and dunn. this song is a major line dancing song. the dj had a confused look on his face i was like c'mon PLEASEE! hes like okay i'll play it but you have to lead it. so he stopped the music for a second hes like "in all of my sixteen years of doing this, ive never had a request like this." that put a smile on my face. he turned the song on and me, myself and I lead over 200 people in a line dance. and of course, i had my boots on.

besides the dance my weekend was full of sledding, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and lots of games. it was a good weekend.


wait what?

i think hes slightly attractive.
something about men with facial hair... it gets me.
don't ever watch the movie the crucible. its just horrible all around.
and no i don't find him that attractive, i just love the part he plays in the crucible.
ms Stanton made us watch that movie in her class
it almost brought me to tears.


day 20

this month.

i hate this month. more than anything. good thing its the shortest month of the year because I CANT STAND IT! i hate seeing all those lovey dovey couples, i hate seeing people making out in public, i hate seeing all those cute couples, i hate seeing people with their significant other, i hate valentines day, i hate not having a cute boy to spend the day with, i loath this month, i detest it.
and last year i was grounded the ENTIRE month of February with no phone.

okay i hate this month.
the end.


day 19

something i regret.

the word regret makes my heart hurt a little bit. i don't like that word too much. so i'll put it this way. i don't regret anything. sure, i wish some things in my life would have gone a little differently. but no, i don't completely regret anything. everything i have done in my life is because it once made me happy. i'll never regret anything that made me happy at one point in my life. if it made me happy then, i shouldn't regret it now. so no. i don't have a single regret. 

on another note, its mardi thomas birthday so HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!


day 18

my favorite birthday

oh this is easy.
my favorite birthday was my 14th or 15th birthday when Kelsie Lott bought me tickets to my favorite band, relient k. which just happened to be playing on my exact day of birth. Relient K is no longer my favorite band, but at the time i was pretty in love. playing with relient k was the classic crime (a super good band, but you've probably never heard of them) and owl city, before they got all over-hyped. he even played the song fireflies before it came out on the stupid over-played radio. anyway, Shannon ended up buying tickets for the same concert and so me kelsie and Shannon all met up with each other down at the Murray theatre. the main singer from the classic crime threw me a bag of skittles after the show. i still have them. the relient k concert was one of the best ones I've ever been to. i was literally moshing the whole time. it brought moshing to a whole new level. i thought i was going to get stomped on. and of course there were crowd surfers. it was an awesome concert and relient k definitely delivered. i wish i could re live that night.

another great birthday was my 13th birthday i think it was.
i was in Disneyland with my family and we were in California adventure walking to tower of terror when i see bill (Shannon's dad) just sitting there on a random bench. i was so surprised, i was like "what the heck there is bill?!" but there was no Shannon to be found. i thought it was strange. well i was dumb enough to believe them that Shannon wasn't there and it turns out the rest of the family was waiting to surprise me at tower of terror. it was a great moment seeing my best friend in Disneyland. i think I've been to Disneyland with Shannon over 5 times now.
lets just say that over half of my birthdays have been in Disneyland. i love that place.

 there is the only member of owl city, for all you band wagon-ers out there.

so this song is called Seattle by the classic crime.
i highly recommend it, its way good.
sorry for the crappy quality