15 seconds that changed my day

I've lied to all of you.
i know that in this post i told you how much i absolutely hated the month of February. and in reality, i really do hate this month. but while watching the super bowl, a commercial came on that made me realize that i do not really hate this month all that much. the daytona 500 is this month. if you don't know what the daytona 500 is, im sorry. many of you know that im an avid nascar fan. and if you don't, take a look at my blog header. anyways i was watching the super bowl and the first nascar commercial came on for the 2011 season. i literally screamed, ask my mom she was sitting right by me. a shot of adrenaline shot through my body and i can NO LONGER wait for the nascar 2011 season. during the off season, i kind of had forgotten that the first race of the season is in February. it took that commerical to remind me that February is a great month for only one reason. nascar begins.

February 20th, 2011. be there.

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