a moment.

well since i cant really think of a great one i'll just tell you about what i did this weekend because it was pretty fun. my stake was scheduled for youth conference but i guess it never worked out so we just made it "ward youth conference" if that's what its even called. anyways just the youth in my ward and the leaders went up to aspen grove up provo canyon and stayed in some cabins. there was probably seventy five of us total but it ended up being super fun. while we were up there, there was 5 other different wards all from different stakes around utah county, some were from salt lake and whatever but that doesn't matter. anyways we decided it would be fun to have a combined dance while we were up there. so friday night we cleared out the cafeteria and got a DJ set up in there. it was pretty legit. i wasn't really thinking that highly of a stake dance but it turned out to be really fun. anway back to my moment. there was 200 or more people in there dancing. all between the ages of 14-18 and i was just getting really bored of the music. i went up to the dj and requested the song "boot scoot boogie" by brooks and dunn. this song is a major line dancing song. the dj had a confused look on his face i was like c'mon PLEASEE! hes like okay i'll play it but you have to lead it. so he stopped the music for a second hes like "in all of my sixteen years of doing this, ive never had a request like this." that put a smile on my face. he turned the song on and me, myself and I lead over 200 people in a line dance. and of course, i had my boots on.

besides the dance my weekend was full of sledding, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and lots of games. it was a good weekend.

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