what makes me cry.

well, everything makes me cry. im just a big sappy girl.
just kidding i honestly don't cry that much and im pretty skilled at holding back my tears. im pretty good at hiding my feelings too. i honestly don't think you can look at my face and tell how im feeling. im known to keep a very straight face. and a lot of people tell me that im always glaring. but i promise you, im not glaring. i just have a straight face and it makes me look mean. im probably glaring at this computer screen as i type. but things that make me cry are well.. ya know, just the sad things or the super happy things or the hilarious things or the painful things that make you cry. just an FYI, i do not cry when it comes to physical pain. but emotional pain... well, that's a whole different story.

this week i saw a little old lady in walmart pushing a cart that was full to the top with food and looked especially heavy, she also had an oxygen tank and she was walking so slow. i wanted to help so bad but i didn't know what to do. i ended up leaving the isle because i couldn't watch her anymore. that would be an example of sad things that make me cry. old people in particular make me sad.

usually when i cry, its tears of laughter. nothing makes me happier than laughing. i usually cry tears of joy more often than anything else. i cant say that im one to cry a lot. i usually keep it together pretty good. but when it comes to laughing i just cant help those tears from flowing. and to me, those are the best kind of tears.

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