my favorite place.

hands down, Disneyland.
i know, so cliche right? but don't worry. I've been to Disneyland more times than i can count on my fingers and toes. actually, to sum it up, I've probably been to Disneyland over fifty times. ive had season passes to Disneyland for 3 years. Walt Disney created the most magical place in the universe. and its true, it really is the happiest place on earth. i have so many good family memories at Disneyland and i honestly just love it so much. i get excited just talking about it. i know every secret, tunnel, path, and hidden mickey in Disneyland. not to mention California adventure. i love that place too. Disneyland is my all time absolute favorite place on this planet and nothing will ever change that. im going to take my kids there as much as i possibly can. and don't even worry, because i'll be alive for the 100th anniversary. im already excited for that. i cant even begin to name all the Disneyland memorabilia i have. i have the soundtracks to all of the rides at Disneyland and all the music from main street. im going to Disneyland again this summer and im staying in the Disneyland hotel... man i already have a smile on my face. Disneyland is my true home.

wow, im just so happy right now.
except for this year i will be missing one thing.
my brother.

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