cheap idea for some fun

so tonight i had a little bit of old fashioned fun.
the kind that is free?
well i did something called the black cat
basically, you get a piece of card board and cut out the shape of a cat- make it life sized. then spray paint it black and tape pieces of tin foil on it for the eyes. than take some sort of object to make it stand up straight. preferably a metal hanger.. those work well. then go plant the cat right in the middle of the road while you hide behind a bush and watch the cars drive by.
the first car we did this to stopped in the middle of the road and honked.
the second car swerved
the third car got out of their car and stole our hanger

so then we walked back home and got another hanger

we replaced the hanger and re-located to a new street.
the first car swerved
the second car got out and STOLE our cat... the nerve...
we jumped out of the bushes and yelled "THAT'S OUR CAT"

and that's the end of that story.
it sounds pretty boring, but i was almost peeing my pants from laughing so hard.

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mardiiiii said...

that made me laugh pretty hard. i want to do that sometime.HAHAHA
so funny.