day 18

my favorite birthday

oh this is easy.
my favorite birthday was my 14th or 15th birthday when Kelsie Lott bought me tickets to my favorite band, relient k. which just happened to be playing on my exact day of birth. Relient K is no longer my favorite band, but at the time i was pretty in love. playing with relient k was the classic crime (a super good band, but you've probably never heard of them) and owl city, before they got all over-hyped. he even played the song fireflies before it came out on the stupid over-played radio. anyway, Shannon ended up buying tickets for the same concert and so me kelsie and Shannon all met up with each other down at the Murray theatre. the main singer from the classic crime threw me a bag of skittles after the show. i still have them. the relient k concert was one of the best ones I've ever been to. i was literally moshing the whole time. it brought moshing to a whole new level. i thought i was going to get stomped on. and of course there were crowd surfers. it was an awesome concert and relient k definitely delivered. i wish i could re live that night.

another great birthday was my 13th birthday i think it was.
i was in Disneyland with my family and we were in California adventure walking to tower of terror when i see bill (Shannon's dad) just sitting there on a random bench. i was so surprised, i was like "what the heck there is bill?!" but there was no Shannon to be found. i thought it was strange. well i was dumb enough to believe them that Shannon wasn't there and it turns out the rest of the family was waiting to surprise me at tower of terror. it was a great moment seeing my best friend in Disneyland. i think I've been to Disneyland with Shannon over 5 times now.
lets just say that over half of my birthdays have been in Disneyland. i love that place.

 there is the only member of owl city, for all you band wagon-ers out there.

so this song is called Seattle by the classic crime.
i highly recommend it, its way good.
sorry for the crappy quality

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