its only appropriate.

well, i know you are all jealous.
that big hunk actually put his arms around me.
i think I'm going to go to my room now and listen to his music until i start to cry
and then maybe ill pass out due to the immense joy justin beiber brings me.
then ill go join every justin beiber fan club & make every facebook status about how much i love him and how im going to marry him one day. then i think ill kiss this picture 100 times and go tell that to facebook too. and then ill buy tickets to the next 10 concerts he has. then ill post his lyrics on facebook. and then i will proceed to tell everyone that i have bieber fever (on facebook) and then i will dedicate a whole album to him. because honestly, i just love JB so much. i know hes going to choose me to marry him out of those 22,000,000 other girls. he is the love of my life.

justin bieber is the stupidest, most over-rated singer on this planet. if you can even call him a singer.
Ive had enough of this bieber fever. its swept the nation and every girl is sick.
except for me, cause i got the beiber fever vaccine and therefore, have never been infected.
really, hes not even cute. NOT EVEN!
gosh i just want to throw up.


mardiiiii said...

i just died laughing about this.
i agree wholeheartedly. honestly.
this is just great.
i love you melia!

mardiiiii said...

ha "beiber fever vaccine...never been infected."
i'm still laughing.