minty fresh goodness

today in CNA, we brushed each others teeth. we learned all about oral care and how to clean dentures, peoples teeth and what not. i understand this isn't dental hygienist but in a care home i would have to brush the old peoples teeth for them. so basically, this is what we did all class. first we brushed our mouths with something called "lemon glycerin swabs" THEY WERE NASTY! they were these huge sized q-tips that you stuck in your mouth to get your spit flowing, pretty much. they were so sour and it was so hilarious watching everyone drool all over themselves. Angie got it on her pants. but like the champ i am, i didn't spill on myself. after the lemon swabs, Angie scrub-a-dub-dubbed my teeth and i had to spit into a cup (pretending like i wasn't capable of getting out of bed) and then Angie poured water into my mouth and that was a mess. then we had this nasty mouth was that tasted like cinnamon. but all in all, it was great to have Angie do all my dirty work for me and my teeth were nice n clean the rest of the day. except for i actually had to clean Angie's teeth for her too. so its basically a win-loose situation. except, we all got to choose a chapstick (that we got to keep!) because after you brush someones teeth, you always apply chapstick. so actually that makes today a win-win situation. oh, i also got to keep the tooth brush. even better!  
I'm telling you, those swabs are freaking nasty. i was gagging the whole time.

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