run for your life

i swear the strangest things happen to me. today i almost got mauled by a bird. yes, a bird. not only was i almost mauled, this bird also chased me to my car and almost bit my ears off. i can say it was one of the most horrifying experiences Ive ever had. and then this bird had the audacity to sit on my car like it was his! how dare that bird. so here's the story. me, Shannon and Angie were walking to my jeep after 2nd period to leave for our nursing class. but that's not relevant to the story. anyway, we were walking and i noticed this UGLY bird just sitting on the fence, which i didn't pay any attention to because it was just a bird. well Shannon didn't notice it i guess, because when she passed the bird, she caught it out of the corner of her eye and it scared her really bad. Shannon just jumped a little bit and ran past the bird. There we are, walking again minding our own business when this freaking bird flies right past mine and Shannon's face. i mean it was scary. you know that feeling you get when a bug is in your face/hair and you start flailing your arms like your dying? well that's what me and Shannon did. but pretend that bug is a HUGE bird. it was terrifying. we started running for our lives trying to get away from this bird. (screaming the whole time.) well what do ya know? apparently this bird knew where we were headed because when we got to my jeep, he was perched on top of my jeep like it was his business. he gave us an evil glare. me and Shannon screamed some more. how was i supposed to get in my car with that ravenous beast on top? we stood there for a minute and gave that bird a stare down. oh, it was on. eventually me and Shannon reined up the courage to get close to the car. i hurried and jumped in the car making sure the bird didn't get inside. and then i locked the doors. like a bird could open a car anyways. once we got in the car with the doors locked the bird did this....
oh bird, this war is not over.

and i now officially have the creeps.
that is one mean, ugly looking bird.

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mardiiiii said...

holy crap.
birds are freakin creepy.
i hate them. seriously.
i am so sorry this stupid bird scared the pee out of you.